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Part Five: The TRUTH About Adam and Eve
and the Garden of Eden

NOTICE: Part Five (this Part) will reveal:

*The true location of the Garden of Eden

*The true meaning of the "Fig" and why it is associated with sin.

*The true identification of "Adam" and "Eve" in the Garden of Eden story.

*The true meaning of the "talking snake" that tempted Eve, and Eve being "made from a rib" of Adam.

*The true location of Mount Sinai (not any of the three locations theorized today).

*Answers to the reasons why Jesus cursed a fig tree, why Moses fasted for "forty" days on Mount Sinai, and why the Israelites demanded that Aaron make a Golden Calf.

*An explanation, based upon science, of how Moses got tens of thousands of gallons of water by striking his rod "on a rock".

*And more!

Notice: If you cannot see all the photographs, then right-click on "Reload". Part Five has been divided into two sections, because some of you have slow computers and or slow Internet service.

Dear Reader,

I don't except you to accept the "channeled materials" (i.e. revelations from various people who claim to have Out of Body Experiences/Astral Travelers), from which I gleaned a lot of the information that I will reveal to you below. Not at all. I do expect you to accept FACT and "reason based upon fact". This Part, like all the rest, has both FACT and "channeled materials". I try to keep the two well-designated. Channeled materials (i.e. "visions" of Astral-pane Travelers) is rather consistent. Most of you reading this have read very little of that, or none of it. Astral Travelers exist in most religions. The Jewish Kaballah (mystical tradition) rests upon astral-travelers in their doctrines concerning the "Heavenly Palaces". Most Jews are not familiar with it, or have "heard of it" but have not studied it. So, Mormons and ex-Mormons are not expected to be familiar with it. The Apostle Paul ("I knew a man fourteen years in, in the body or out of the body I know not, who traveled to the third heaven and heard unspeakable words which is not lawful for a man to utter") was a astral-traveler, and the Apocralypse of Paul was accepted by some early Christians as inspired of God, before it was voted out of the New Testament canon in the 4th century.

India of course has a very rich tradition of astral-travelers, from the authors of the ancient Puranas, to the modern day Radhasoami Faith (over 2 million Believers) which teaches its members how to astral-travel. Astral-travel is also taught by the Self-Realization Fellowship, Eckankar, Sant Mat, and some other small groups in North America. The purpose of astral-travel is not merely to have a "wild" experience, but to get "information" from the Alam-i-Mithal (Arabic: "World of Archetypes"), otherwise known as the Akashic records, the Astral Plane, or what some modern astral-travelers called "The Cosmic Internet". Don't believe it? Don't. Don't want to believe it? Don't. But, in any case, what you are going to read will be very interesting, and entertaining, if nothing else.

Popular Atheist claims (reiterated by Tanner Gilliland in his YouTube video) are as followers:

*There was never any Moses, because Egyptian history makes no mention of him.

*There was no parting of the Red Sea, because that's just stupid and can't happen.

*The Israelites were never in Egypt: there is no record of them being there.

*The story about Eve made from a rib, is just stupid. Women aren't made from ribs.

*The story about Lucifer as a talking snake, is like Santa Claus or the Tooth-Fairy.

*God cursing you for eating a Fig? Are you serious?

*No chariots have been found at the bottom of the Red Sea (because they've look for them, and haven't found any).

*There was never any Mount Sinai, because, 3 million Israelites could never live for forty years in the desert.

*There was never any "Manna from Heaven" because no such thing exists, and that's just stupid and childish fairy tale.

*Moses never struck his rod on a rock and thousands of gallons of water gushed out, because that is impossible; so it must be pure fiction, pure myth, with no basis in fact or science or history.

The following webpage below is information from two sources:

1) Egyptian archaeology (hard cold scientific FACT).

2) "channeled" materials (i.e. revelations from out-of-body experiences that various people have had).

I do NOT expect you to accept the "channeled" materials, but I DO except you to accept the cold hard FACTS. I label "fact" as "fact" and "channeled material" as "channeled" material. I don't confuse the two. Try not to confuse them yourself.

Thank you.

I ACTUALLY DON'T REMEMBER Tanner Gilliland mentioning the Adam and Eve story in his video "Why I Don't Believe in the Bible" and I'm just too lazy to go watch it again. BUT ... one major claim of Atheism is that the Story of Adam and Eve in the Bible is ABSURD, can't possibly be true, and thus the Bible is full of myth and error!

So, we'll deal with it!

The story of Adam and Eve is the Garden of Eden, in the Book of Genesis, is what is known as "Midrash": basically it is an ancient Jewish story for children. These are fictional stories that has some "basis" in fact.

What do I mean?

For example, Santa Claus does not exist, but the "fictional character" is based upon Saint Nicolas of Turkey, a real man, who lived in the 3th century, who made toys for poor children, and delivered them (not with rain deer) in the Greek speaking part of what is now western Turkey. He really existed. Say "Saint Nicolas" three times fast!

You will find ancient Jewish Midrash to resemble animated children stories today. The only difference is, these fictional stories were often based upon historical characters (or at least the Jewish rabbis believed the characters were historical). One example:

*Abraham (his name was "Abram" at the time) is working in his father Terah's shop, and Terah leaves to go do something. Terah makes and sells idols. Abram (his son) does not like idols. He hates them. Terah comes back and all his idols for sale are broken to pieces, except the largest one. In the arms of his largest idol is a axe. Terah says, "Abram, did you destroy all my idols?" Abraham says: "No father, the big idol did it!"

Cute story. Probably invented, but cute. But, there is no doubt that the Jewish rabbi who invented that story, really believed Abraham and his father Terah existed. In fact, on one of the Ebla tablets, you can find an ancient cuniform tablet that mentions the name "Ibrahim". So, we know the name existed at the time Abraham was supposed to exist. We have no "proof" he existed, or did not exist. I believe he did. Some believe he didn't. There is no "proof" that Abraham existed. There is proof he did not exist.

So, the story of Adam and Eve, in the Book of Genesis, written about 500 B.C. (because the book contains poems that would only rhyme in the Hebrew spoken about 300 to 500 BC), was Jewish Midrash: a story for children.

Why didn't they "say" that at the beginning of the story?

That is like Marvel comic animators and film-makers who make animated stories for children to put a "disclaimer" at the beginning of their work:

"Disclaimer: the following is fictional, and not meant to be taken literally."

Why don't they do that? Because, they believe that adults will KNOW that already! It's call a "Given". If you told children that babies come from Storks or Cabbage Patches, the adults are gonna know that is fiction without YOU having to tell them that! But if the children are very young, they are NOT gonna know it is fiction.

Jewish adults in the "day" (generation) that the Book of Genesis was written (about 500 BC) would have easily recognized the story of Adam and Eve as Midrash (a story for children): without Ezra the Scribe (the probably author) "telling" them that in the story itself! That would be like the Santa Clauses at the Mall sitting with a sign saying:

DISCLAIMER: Santa Claus is a fictional character, not to be taken literally. Thank you~Mall Management Office

The Mall managers figure adults KNOW that Santa Claus is not real, but a "story for children". They look at that as a "Given". That is why the Mall managers don't post "Disclaimers" so the adults don't mistaken believe that Santa Claus is real and will be supplying all the toys himself via the chimney. Only small children take "Santa Claus" literally. Adults do not.

Do you understand?

St. Nicolas is a "Saint" in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church to this day. Yes, he really existed. But, the "Flying Raindeer" and "Rudolf with the Red Nose" thing: THAT is pure fiction! The tomb of "Santa Claus" is in the sea town of Myra, Turkey, and you can visit it if you like, and actually tell your grandkids: "I once visisted the tomb of Santa Claus" and actually be telling them the truth.

The Book of Genesis was not written four "our" generation. It was written for Jews who lived about 500 BC. All the adults who heard the story would have KNOWN it was Midrash (a story for children). Ezra didn't have to "tell" them that! They would have immediately recognized it, just as adults today would immediately KNOW that Santa Claus is a "story for children" and not literal!

So, the story of Adam and Eve is fiction then? Just pure myth?

No. The story of Adam and Eve is a true story about two real people, who lived in ancient Egypt, in a walled garden (with a Sacred Fig Tree). That true story is a rather "sordid" story, one you would NEVER tell children unless you "hid" the particulars in "symbols" that only the adults would understand.

Don't understand me? You will, by the time you finish reading this.

Over the centuries, from 500 BC to the completion of the Babylonian Talmud, about 500 A.D. (1000 years) the "Given" was "forgotten" and the Jews began to believe that the story of Adam and Eve were "literal". We now call this the "Liberal Interpretation" of the story of Adam and Eve.

The Mormon Literal Garden of Eden in Missouri View

In the Mormon "Literal Garden of Eden in Missouri" View (championed by the "tag team" of Joseph Fielding Smith--grandnephew of Mormon founder Joseph Smith--and his son-in-law Mormon Apostle Bruce R. McConkie) we have a literal Garden of Eden, in what is now Jackson County (where the southern half of Kansas City, Missouri, is now located). Nothing "died" on the entire planet Earth. A white Anglo-Saxon man called "Adam" was made from clay, and a white Anglo-Saxon "Eve" was made from one of his "ribs" in his chest (Adam was left with 11 ribs). Jehovah then lets His arch enemy, and brother, Lucifer into the Garden. Lucifer wants Adam and Eve to eat from the Fig trees, because that will open their eyes and give them "knowledge". The Fig Tree is called the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil". Now, Jehovah also wants Adam and Eve to eat of that Tree (eat the Fig), so they can have children. For some reason they can't have children until they eat the Fig. For some reason, Jehovah can't say "Go eat the Fig" because He has told them "Do NOT eat the Fig" and that "the day ye eat thereof ye shall die".

Lucifer, decides to deceive Eve (not Adam). He wants Eve to trust him, so, instead of appearing as a puppy, or a bunny, or a cute little bear or squirrel, Lucifer appears to her a Talking Snake. Because, as you know, women have no fear of snakes, but trust snakes and rather like snakes. Although Jehovah and Lucifer are arch enemies, Jehovah allows Lucifer in, and Jehovah even plants a Fig Tree in the Garden the bears fruit. Adam and Eve can eat all the fruit they want, but not the fruit of the Fig Tree. Now, fruit doesn't grow all the time. Fruit from trees is only "good" for a few months a year. Unless you bottle or can or dry out the fruit, it rots and "dies". But, remember, this was the Garden of Eden in Missouri, and the fruit never got rotten. So, fruit was eaten by all the animals of the Garden: tigers, lions, elephants, hippos, etc. But not Dinosaurs, because they never lived on this planet. Their bones come from older planets that Jehovah "ripped apart" to construct this planet. Are you following me?

Jehovah (the pre-Incarnate Jesus) gave two conflicting commands:

1) Have children
2) But don't eat from the Forbidden Tree, the Fig offered to you by the Talking Snake.
3) And, of course, the only WAY you will have children is by eating the Fig from the Forbidden Tree given to you by the Talking Snake.

So, the Talking Snake offers Eve the Fig, she eats it. She offers it to Adam, he eats (kind of "well Hell...I don't really want to do this but I gotta!") and he eats it. They then realize they are naked (they didn't realize that before) and then sew fig leaves together to cover their nakedness, because the Tiger in the garden eating grass, may notice they notice they are naked! They have no children, there are no other humans on the planet, but the Tiger Eating Grass may say: "Hey, you two are naked? What's up wid dat?" and Adam and Eve would get embarrassed by running around naked in front of all the animals (no people yet), so, they sew fig leaves together and make "fig clothing" (I might be on to something here!). Now, in order to "sew" ancient cave men used carved animals bones to make "needles". But, of course, there were no animals bones for Adam and Eve, except the Dinosaur Bones in the soil from other planets that Jehovah "broke up" these older planets like three day old brownies, in order to make "our" planet Earth! That is the McConkite explanation of the Dinosaur bones in the soil. So, "that" is where Adam and Eve got the "bone needles" to actually sew fig leaves together. What did they use for "thread"? Not cat gut! Bunny hairs! Wool? God handled it.

So, Adam and Eve had no problem being "naked" in front of Jehovah or Lucifer, but they couldn't handle being "naked" in front of the animals in the Garden (there are no humans on Earth but them at this period), so they sew Fig Leaves together and wear them; so the bears and other animals of Garden won't look at them, bulge their eyes and say: "Oh, Adam and Eve, YOU ARE NAKED? WTF?????"

So, not wanting to walk around naked in front of all those animals anymore, Adam and Eve get fig leaves and sew them together and cover themselves.

You know the rest, I don't have to repeat here something you've been taught since you were 18 months old and at your first Mormon "indoctrination" meeting (i.e. "Church on Sunday"). The Literal Garden of Eden in Missouri View is called "The McConkite View". Most Mormons still believe in it. They were raised from birth to believe it. That view is:

*Adam and Eve first people on Earth. Two white Anglo-Saxons.

*Live in Garden of Eden in what is now Jackson County Missouri (home of bottom half of Kansas City, Missouri)

*No death anywhere on Planet Earth before Adam and Eve bit into a Fig given to them by a Talking Snake.

*Dinosaurs never existed on Planet Earth, but are remnants of other planets the LORD broke up to make this planet.

*Tigers, lions, elephants, etc., all ate grass and fruit in the Garden because nothing died (apparently the fruit didn't die either once eaten)

*The LORD (pre-Incarnate Jehovah and/or the Father Elohim) gives Adam and Eve two opposing contradictory "commands": to obey Command Number One ("be fruitful and multiply") they must disobey Command Number Two ("but do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil")

*Adam and Eve eat the Fig, their "eyes are opened" and they realize for the first time they are "naked" so they quickly sew Fig Leave together (apparently with a Dinosaur Bone needle and wool for thread) so that they would not be embarrassed walking around naked in front of all the animals (remember, no other people on Earth except for Adam and Eve at this time).

*Even though the LORD wanted them to eat the Fig, they are punished for eating the Fig by being cast out of the Garden into the "lone and dreary world".

*Cherubim "with flaming sword" chases Adam and Eve out of the Garden, although a club of even a pocket knife probably would have did the trick.

*Adam and Eve had Cain, then Abel, and then Seth, and many daughters. Cain kills Abel and is turned into the first Negro. Cain marries one of his white Anglo Saxon sisters, who changes into the second Negro. The Negro race "survives" the Flood of Noah thanks to Ham marrying a Cainite (Negro) woman. Note: LDS Church "disavows" this teaching in 2013 with the "Race and Priesthood" Statement on LDS.org online, which most older Mormons don't know about and were never informed about.

*Before their deaths, Adam and Eve gathers all their children (except the black children of Cain) at Adam-ondi-Ahman, Missouri (near Gallatin Missouri) and gives them a lecture, builds an altar with stones (which Mormon tourists steal over the decades for souvenirs), dies and is buried. The Federal Government tries to build a damn and reservoir in the area in the 1950s, but the LDS Church lobbies to stop the project because Joseph Smith said that Adam would return to Adam-ondi-Ahman in the last days, and Mormon leaders did not want the to be "under water" when he returned to the spot sometime during the Millennium (1000 year reign of Christ). Adam-ondi-Ahman (which means "Adam in the Presence of God" according to Joseph Smith) is about 70 miles north by northeast of Jackson County (where, according to Joseph Smith, the Garden of Eden was located).

Brigham Young taught in General Conference, from 1950 until his death in 1977, that Adam and Eve were the Father and Mother of our spirits, and Adam was the Father, our Heavenly Father. This is called "The Adam-God Doctrine". If you mention this to other Mormons, you'll be excommunicated. Not only that, you'll receive a "Kirton-McConkie Letter) from the law-firm of Kirton-McConkie telling you if you walk on any Church owned property in the future, you'll be arrested and prosecuted for trespassing. No, Brigham Young was NOT misquoted! The evidence is 100% and massive. Why do Church leaders today teach that Adam-God is a "false doctrine" that will damn the souls of any who believe in it for eternity? How could a true Prophet (Brigham Young) teach Adam-God from over twenty years in General Conference? This doctrine was taught in the St. George Temple during "The Lecture at the Veil" until about 1890.

THAT is the Mormon Literal View of the story of Adam and Eve. Mormons were raised from birth (almost) to believe in that. But, I will now tell you what really happened in the Garden of Eden!

The REAL Adam and Eve

What is the true story of Adam and Eve (as historical people)?

Long story short:

1) There are two "Adams" in the Book of Genesis
2) The first Adam (Adam Kadmon) was the father of the Adamic race, known as Adapa of Eridu, the first of the Seven Sumerian Pre-Flood Sages.
3) Adapa of Eridu was the Priest of Enki, in Eridu (a real city), under King Alulim, about 6,000 years ago.
4) The Second Adam (the one with Eve) is based upon Pharaoh Aye son of Yuya, the last pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. He was the father of Nefertiti and the uncle of Akhenaten, and the grand-father of King TutenAmun.
5) "Eve" is based upon Queen Kiyah, who really existed, the half-sister and wife of TutenAmun and later the queen and "wife" of Aye (yes!)
6) They dwelt in the Garden of Maru-Aten, a real walled-garden built originally by Pharaoh AkhenAten, just south of the City of Aten, about 1350 B.C.
7) The Garden of Maru-Aten had fruit trees of all kinds, an evaporation pond, several small shrines (including one to the Sacred Fig Tree), and a small zoo.
8) The "talking snake" in the Garden is based upon the "cobra crown" which the king and queen of Egypt wore on their heads, which "tempted" Khiyah (Eve) like a new cars "tempts" us to buy it.
9) Aye and Khiyah were thrust out of the Garden by the priests of Amun (Cheribiym) and Horemheb, commander of the chariots.
10) Horemheb becomes the new pharaoh, and destroys the City of Aten and also the Garden of Maru-Aten, and restores the temples of Amun.
11) The bodies of Aye and Khiyah are never found, and their tombs are destroyed on orders of Horemheb.

Prince AmunMose would have known all the true story of Aye and Khiyah, since he was born about 50 years after these events. Aaron (if he existed) would have known. Eventually a Jewish priest (probably Ezra) wrote a Midrash (story for children) based upon the true historical characters and events of Aye and Khiyah in the Garden of Maru-Aten.

How do I know all this? Long story. Don't believe it? Okay, well:

1) Aye and Khiyah, and Horemheb, did exist, and that is confirmed. None of them were fictional people. All were real people. There was a "real" Garden of Eden, called "The Viewing Place of the Aten" or "Maru-Aten" for short. All of the points above are confirmed historically.

The Hebrew word "Eden" is pronounced as "EY-DEN" not "EE-DEN". The Egyptian word ATEN, the pronunciation has been lost. But, it "may" have been "EY-TEN". If so (we can't known for sure) then "EY-TEN" is pretty close to "EY-DEN".

Note: The name "ey-ten" is speculation. We don't know the true pronunciation of "ATEN" because the ancient Egyptian had no vowels, and the name "ATEN" was written "W-T-N" which means "Unknown vowel-T-E(probably)-N". But the "EY-TEN" is a "possible". Could be Aw-ten or Aw-ten-ee or AA-ten or AA-ten-uu, or, possibly "ey-ten" which is close to the Hebrew "ey-den". When the Hebrew says that "Ey-den" was "in the East, in Ey-ten" (no, not "ee-den" but "ey-den") most Bible scholars think this refers to some place in Mesopotamia. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society says it refers to the Valley of Lake Van, in Turkey (which is enclosed or "walled in" by high mountains). Some researchers think it refers to Sumeria, or Elam, or a valley in northwest Iran (where Tabriz is), or some location under the waters of the present Persian Gulf (which used to be dry land). In other words, we don't know. My speculation, based upon "channeled" material, and deduction, is that "Ey-Den" refers to the ancient City of Aten, which is located on the East Bank of the Nile, in what is now Amarna, Egypt. Just south of the City of Aten, was the Garden of Maru-Aten: a real walled garden, with a small zoo, fruit trees of all kinds, built by Pharaoh AkhenAten, but he died not long afterwards. AkhenAten worshipped the ATEN. Scholars think it was the "Sun Disk" but actually, according to "channeled" material, this refers to YHWH of the ELOHIYM, Who dwells "in" the Sun. Not the Sun itself. Jews still prayer to YWHW using the Hebrew phrase "Ey-DON-NAI" ("My Lord" or "My Ey-Doen"). The pronunciation of YHWH has also been lost to time, and "may" be pronounced Yahuu, or Yaahey or 100 other ways, but definitely NOT "Jehovah". It probably means "I AM/I WILL BE" or "I EXIST AS ONE OF". Jehovah Elohiym is translated as "LORD GOD" in English Bibles, but "possibly" means "I EXIST AND SHALL EXIST AS ONE OF/WITH THE MIGHTY ONES". The Mormon teaching that YHWH is the "Son" of Elohim, is just ABSURD! Joseph Smith taught that Jehovah Elohiym was the Father, and Jesus was the Son of Jehovah Elohiym. Mormon leaders teach today that Jehovah is the Son of Elohim (contradicting Joseph Smith). But ELOHIYM is plural, and means "Mighty Ones". The notion that this name refers to One God only as a "Plurality of Majesty" is PURE INVENTION. The Urantia Book (channeled material) teaches that the ELOHIYM are very advanced beings, the most advanced sentient Beings in the Cosmos. But even the ELOHIYM are NOT All-Powerful nor ALL-Knowing. Only the Heavenly Father (Krishna/Buddha/Sahng-jeh-nihm) is All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Loving).

An archaeologists' model of Pa-maru-en-pa-Aten ("Viewing Place of the Aten"), called in the Book of Genesis the "Gan Eden" (Walled Garden of Delight). Built about 1370 B.C. by Pharaoh AkhenAten. Last lived in by Pharaoh Aye and Khiyah (and their servants) about 1350 B.C. It included the Sacred Fig Tree, fruit trees, and a small zoo. The Egyptian government is currently considering recreating the Garden of Meru-Aten in its actual real size and "glory" for tourists.

3) the part about Adam being made of "clay" and Eve from a "rib" means that the Second Adam (Aye son of Yuya) came from this earth (not from Heaven as the first Adam--Adam Kadmon), and Eve "made from his rib" is a typical ancient Hebrew "play on words". The Hebrews believed that women had "12" ribs but men had "13" ribs (i.e. their penis was their "13th rib").

2) The Garden of Maru-Aten did exist, and, in fact, you can walk on the remains today as some tourists do, in Tell Amarna, Egypt.

The ancient Hebrews believed that women had "12" ribs, but men had "13" ribs. The Hebrew word for "rib" is TSELA. The Hebrew word for "penis" is TSELA. Eve being made from a "rib" of Adam is a humorous "word play" that ancient Jewish story tellers would use. The meaning is Eve came from the "rib" (penis) of Adam, meaning she was one of his "seed" (descendants).

So, is the story of Adam and Eve "true" or "false". Yes, it is a true story. But the Jewish priest (probably Ezra) "hid" the literal details of the story in metaphors, because, after all, he was creating "Midrash" (a Jewish story for children).

You are correct:

1) Snakes don't talk, nor do snakes tempt naked women with apples or figs.
2) Men are not made of soil (not directly anyway--the minerals that make babies ultimately come from minerals in the soil via plants and animals that humans consume)
3) Women are not made of ribs (or I would have sacrificed a rib long ago!)
4) There has been death on this planet for billions of years.

I know, I know, as a Mormon you were taught from birth that Adam and Eve were two white Anglo-Saxons, the first humans on Earth, lived in Missouri, and both were given "conflicting commands" by God:

1) Multiply and replenish the Earth (have children)
2) But don't eat the Fig which is the only way you can have children.

Yes, I know. You were taught that Eve was so "noble" and Adam was "noble" and they made the "right" choice to fulfill Command Number One by disobeying Command Number Two. So the LORD "let" Lucifer (who apparently didn't realize he was just fulfilling God's Will here) into the Garden to "tempt" Eve with a "fig" and, wanted Eve to trust him, so instead of appearing as a puppy of a cute little bear or a bunny rabbit, he appears as a SNAKE (so Eve will trust him). The Mormon version of Adam and Eve:

1) Two white Anglo-Saxons
2) first humans on the planet
3) Noble, righteous, did the right thing!
4) Punished by the LORD for doing the right thing.

To Mormons "Eve" is always presented as PURE, RIGHTEOUS, WORTHY, only wanted to do the right thing, obey the Will of God. Was conflicted with two diametrically opposed "commands" by God. Regretfully disobeyed Command Number Two in order to fulfill Command Number One.

Statue of Adam and Eve (Anglo Saxons, Eve resembling closely 1950s sex symbol Jane Mansfield) in the North Visitor's Center, Temple Square, Salt Lake City Utah. Mormons are taught to view Adam and Eve as almost sinless beings. First humans on this planet. Noble. White and Anglo-Saxon looking (of course). "Transgressed" but did not "sin" (no Mormons--the word that Paul uses, translated in English as "transgression" means "sin"). Another Mormon "error" that Mormons grow up believing. Adam and Eve: so righteous! So pure! So noble! So curvy! So Anglo-Saxon! So white!

A Question for Ex-Mormons: HOW could YOU believe in Talking Snakes and two Anglo-Saxons in ancient Missouri as the first human beings? I converted to Mormonism (on the First Discussion only) at age 18, and I was naive and innocent as a New Born Babe just out of his mama's womb, but even "I" could never swallow that Blue Whale! How could YOU? How could you believe that the first humans were Anglo-Saxons living in Missouri 6,000 years ago, with tigers eating grass, and Talking Snakes tempting a curving white woman with a Fig? How could you swallow that HUGE BLUE WHALE?

Back to the story.

So, Eve is given a Fig by a Talking Snake, who is really Lucifer (who appears as a Snake because he doesn't want to scare Eve and wants her to trust him), that an All-Powerful Jehovah (pre-Incarnate Jesus) happens to let into the Garden for this very purpose i.e. to get Adam and Eve to eat an forbidden Fig so they can have children. Jehovah give two "conflicting" Commands: 1) Have children but 2) Don't eat the Fig (but you can't have kids unless you eat the Fig). Adam and Eve say: "Gee, we can't have kids unless we eat this Fig, and God wants us to have kids, but doesn't want us to eat this Fig, so...WTF???"

So, they eat the Fig, because, really, that is what God wanted in the first place but apparently He told them: "Have kids, but you can't have kids unless you eat the Fig, but I command you to NOT eat the Fig and in the day you will both do you'll both die!"

So, Adam and Eve are between a rock and a hard place, so they eat the Fig, and they don't die for many years afterwards, but they are tossed out of the Garden for the "sin" of eating the Fig, which was the only way they could have kids (and God knew that). The LORD could have said "Have kids, and, oh, by the way, in order to have kids you gotta eat a Fig given to you by my enemy Lucifer!" Could have said that, and made things a lot easier.

Ok....NO! That is NOT what happened! One must remember, when Genesis was written (500 BC) the Jewish priests would make Midrash (stories for Jewish children). These were like animated children's stories today, but they tried to prove a "moral" point. They were NOT "pure myth" but based upon characters that the Jewish priests truly believed were real and existed in "Adamic" history.

The Real Adam and Eve

There was a real Garden of Eden (in Egypt not Missouri). There was a real Adam (Aye) and there was a real "Eve" (Khiyah); who was the grand-daughter of Aye (Yes!). But Khiyah (Hebrew: "Khivah") was not a noble woman only wanting to fulfill God's "First" command by disobeying His "second" command (don't eat the Fig)! She was a selfish, self-centered, hyper-sexualized, immoral, super rich, super-pampered, gold-digging, little SPOILED BRAT! She was tempted by the Cobra Crown (like a diamond ring "tempts" women). She wanted it back (she wore it once as wife to TutenAmun, her half-brother but he died). Simple as that. And she KNEW what MEN wanted. She knew how to "tempt" men with her "fruit". Got it? Does Eve now remind you of a few sexy immoral spoiled-brat rich little Mormon "princesses" you may have known growing up? Maybe one or two? Hmmmm? I've met a LOT more than just "one or two"!

The birth-name of Khiyah was Akensenpaaten Tasherit. Of course, you don't say "Akensenpaaten-Tasherit, would you like olives with your breakfast?" The Egyptians had "pet" names. So, the pet name for Ankhesenamun-Tasherit was "Khiyah" (which was a common "pet" name for girls which means "monkey"). After the deaths of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Ankehesenpaaten's name was changed to AnkenesseAmun. The "Aten" was removed from her name and replaced by "Amun". Why? Because the Priesthood of Amun took control of Egypt after the death of her parents, so they changed her name to a good "Amun" name. The same with TutenAten. They changed his name to TutenAmun, and made him Pharaoh at the age of 16 to 18. "King Tut" has two chief advisors:

1) Horemheb the general of the army

2) Aye, Tut's own grandfather, and the father of Nefertiti (and uncle of Akhenaten).

The Pharaohs, and their Royal Wives, wore the Cobra Crown, symbolic of the "Wisdom of the Gods". In Genesis it says that the Serpent (snake) said to Eve: "Eat of this fruit, and you will not die, but your eyes will be open, and you will have the Wisdom of the Gods!"

To the Adamites, the Third Eye was the source of Divine Wisdom (i.e. psychic knowledge), the pituitary gland inside the center of the brain. The Pharaohs had the "right to rule" because they were believed to have the "Wisdom of the Gods". Of course, most of them didn't. But they had to convince the common people they did, or the common people might revolt against them. A Cobra is a snake (serpent) common in Egypt. They shed their skins, a symbol of multiple lives (multiple skins). Only the Adamites reincarnate. They have the soul of Adam Kadmon. Only about 4% of the human population today has RH-Negative blood. These are the people who see ghosts, shadow people, demons (yes), and "may" Astral Travel (soul-travel) if they learn how; also called OBE (out of body experiences).

The "original sin" of Adam and Eve was NOT biting into Fig, or Apple, or Pear. The "original sin" was taboo sexual relations (incest). Why did that happen? That happened because Khiyah ("Eve") was "tempted" by the Cobra Crown (i.e. the royal crown). Khiyah had worn the Cobra Crown as wife of TutenAmun. But he died. She tried to get a Hittite prince to marry her. But he died on the way to Egypt. She tried to get another Hittite prince to marry her, but the King of the Hittites refused to send another son to Egypt. The only male of the royal household (blood) left was Aye son of Yuya, her own grandfather. This is the "meaning" of Eve being made from one of Adam's "rib" (tsela). To the ancient Hebrew, women had 12 "ribs" and men had 13 "ribs". That long thing between their legs, they called a "rib" (tsela).

Pharaoh Ramses II, married at least two of his own daughters, and that was not uncommon for Egyptian pharaohs to do. Incest among Egyptian royalty (and indeed most royal houses in the Middle-East that time) was not considered taboo, but rather keeping the Divine Blood pure. Rulers were considered to be gods or semi-gods, and, thus they had to marry each other to keep that "divinity" so that they could rule using "The Wisdom of the Gods".

After the death of TutenAmun, when he was about 20, Horemheb tried to marry Khiyah, but she refused him. Horemheb was not of the royal house. He was a commoner. How dare he even consider it? But Horemheb wanted to be Pharaoh, and, at least, his wife had to be of of the Royal House.

Khiyah was "tempted" by the Cobra Crown, just as a "diamond ring" tempts women today!

Khiyah was Queen (wore the Cobra Crown) when she was married to TutenAmun, her half-brother. He died at about age 20. Yes, King Tut really existed too! Khiyah then writes a letter to the King of the Hittites (in Turkey) saying "Send me one of your sons so he can be Pharaoh and I can be his wife". So, the King of the Hittites does that, but the poor prince is killed somewhere in Canaan on his way to Egypt. Khiyah says: "Send me another" and the King thinks the death of his other son a "bad omen" and basically flips the bird to Khiyah.

After the death of "King Tut", Horemheb, the general of the army, and a vizier ("Holder of the Royal Fan to the Right of the Throne of Pharaoh") to TutenAmun, asks to marry Khiyah, but, for whatever reason, she refuses him. So, he plans to be Pharaoh are frustrated (for the moment). The only male of the Royal House left is Aye, who is in his late 60s or older by this time. He is made Pharaoh. This is not pleasing to the High Priests of the Amun, because they know that Aye is the Prophet of Aten (a rival God). Aye was the uncle of Pharoah AkhenAten, whose original name was Amenhotep IV. Amenhotep changes his name to "AkhenAten" (Breath of Aten), closes down the temples of Amun/Amen (i.e. stops funding the priests of Amun/Amen), and builds the City of Aten (where Amarna is now), and the Garden of Maru-Aten a few miles south of the City of Aten. But, AkhenAten soon dies. Nefertiti takes over. She dies. Tut takes over. He dies. Yes, this is suspicious.

After the death of her husband/half-brother TutenAmun, Khiyah tries to marry a Hittite prince. The prince dies on the his way to Egypt (poor guy--nice guys finish last!). Aye is made Pharaoh. Her lives with Khiyah in the Garden of Maru-Aten (a real walled Garden with a Sacred Fig Tree...YES!). Khiyah is "tempted" by the Cobra Crown, so she "tempts" Aye with her "forbidden fruit". Read the Song of Solomon, in your Old Testament, to see how the ancient Hebrews compared human "junk" (genitals/breasts) to "fruit"

But Pharaoh is the reincarnation of Adapa of Eridu. He has not sinned before. But, he "sins" with Khiyah. Yes, incest. Yes, discusting. Yes, horrible. It happens. His soul "falls" as do ours. The souls of the Adamites (Bnei Adam) become "dead" in the Spirit-World; even though their physical bodies remain alive in our world. This is because the Adamites have ONE SOUL (Adam Kadmon), not many souls. Whatever happens to the Soul of Adam Kadmon, happens to our souls. Because, they are all linked with quantum entanglement (Einstein's "Spooky action at a distance"). That is why the Old Testament teaches "soul-sleep" (look it up on Wikipedia after you finish reading this article: soul sleep). Soul-sleep is not true today, but it was true for a long time!

c.1350 B.C. to c.33 A.D.
Adamites "dead" in the Spirit-World
due to "sin" of Adam (Aye son of Yuya) in the walled Garden.
Old Testament (written c. 500 B.C. to about 300 B.C.) teaches "soul sleep" (dead have no thoughts, no hopes, no plans)
The Second Adam returns to this world, born of a literal virgin, leads a sinless life (is tempted) "atones" for the original sin in the Garden
All souls of Adamites "resurrected" in the Spirit-World
Jesus was Pharaoh Aye reincarnated (i.e. the Prodigal Son)

Between the year 1330 BC (about when Ay and Khiyah commit the "original sin") and 33 AD (when Jesus dies on the Cross) all of the Bnei Adam (Children of Adam) are DEAD in the Spirit-World. They still reincarnate, and live lives in our physical world, but in the Spirit-World they are "dead". This is why the Old Testament teaches "soul sleep": that the dead in Sheol are DEAD. They have no toughts. They offer no prayers. They have no "plans". That is what the Old Testament teaches. The Old Testament was written when that was true! It is no longer true, because the death of Jesus on the Cross "cancelled out" the "original sin" thereby resurrecting all Bnei Adam in the Spirit-World.

Yes, the above is NOT based upon historical fact, but "channeled" information which may, or may not, be true.

How can "that" be proven? There is NO WAY to "prove" or "disprove" that Aye son of Yuya was the reincarnation of Adam Kadmon! No way! However, one CAN PROVE that Pharaoh Aye existed, Khiyah existed, Horemheb existed, and the Garden of Maru-Aten existed. All that has been PROVED by archaeologists and Egyptologists.

Why did Ay and Khiyah commit incest, and what does that have to do with eating a fig?

Khiyah was one Queen of Egypt, when she was married to her hallf-brother TutenAmun, but he died at like 20 years old. She once wore the Cobra-crown. The Cobra is a snake in Egypt. Only the kings and queens of Egypt wore the Cobra crown. It was the symbol of the Third Eye. It was a symbol that the Pharaohs (and their wives--often their sisters or sometimes their own daughters) had the Divine Blood, and thus the "right" to rule.

What about the "fig"?

The ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods and goddesses. Hathor (also called "The Lady") was the goddess of sex, music, and drunkeness. She was the goddess of fertility. The Canaanites worshipped her under the name Ashteroth. One of her symbols was a cow, with a solar disk between its horns. Her other symbol was that of a sexy young woman, arising out of a Fig Tree. The Fig Tree was sacred to Hathor. Couples who wanted to conceive a child, ate figs, and drank the juice of figs, and got naked and wore fig leaves. Then they had sex, in hopes to conceive a child. Barren couples went to the Temple of Hathor, in the hopes a child could be conceived.

Egyptian temple murals with paintings of the goddess Hathor emerging from the Sacred Fig Tree

Khiyah tempted Ay with her "fruit" because she was tempted by the Cobra Crown. She has no desire for Divine Wisdom. She simply desired the wealth, status, and power she had while Queen to King Tut.

Pharaoh Aye's reason was not simply "sex". He could have 100 concubines if he wanted. He was the richest and most powerful man in all the known world at the time. But his power was not absolute. He ruled with the permission of the Power Elites in Egypt:

*The Priesthood of Amun-Ra
*The Generals of the Army
*The large land owners (i.e. the Nobles)

Pharaoh Aye ruled because the Power Elites let him rule.

The wife of Aye was dead. He could have children by 100 concubines if he wanted, but none of them would have the "right" to the Throne of Egypt. He had to marry and have a child with a woman of the Royal House. Only then would Aye be able to pass on his throne to a descendant. His only blood family left were six grand-daughters. That is all. Everybody else was dead. His beloved son Nakhtmin, was dead. His heir was dead. The future of his family was dead, unless he produced an legal heir to the throne of Egypt (a son of pure Royal Blood) by one of the Royal House still alive. Otherwise, at his death, the his throne would be given to someone outside of his family (i.e. Horemheb, whom he hated, who probably killed off most of Aye's family already).

So, Khiyah desired to ware again the Cobra Crown, as she did, for a few years, when she was married to her half-brother Tut. The Serpent Crown "whispered" to her, like a new car "whispers" to us: "Buy me, try me out! Buy me! It's ok! You can afford it! You know you want to! Do it!"

Aye (also spelled "Ay" in English) desired to have a son and heir, one with the "divine right" to the throne of Egypt, because his son and heir (Nakhtmin) had died! He has six grand-daughters, but no sons to claim his throne. Any son by a grand-daughter sired by a man NOT of Royal Blood would have no Divine Right to the Throne. Remember, the power of the Pharaoh is only kept by the consensus of the Power Elites in Egypt. If Aye had no son by Pure Divine Blood, the throne would be given to another. Aye thought he had no other choice, than to "partake" of forbidden fruit. The "fig" was NOT the "forbidden fruit". Figs were eaten, and fig leaves were worn, in order that Khiyah could quickly conceive! That is all. The "fig" was not the "forbidden fruit". KHIYAH was the forbidden fruit: that which is "delicious" to the taste, and "so desirable". She was not forbidden to Aye according to Egyptian law or custom, but according to the Universal Law of Karma: which even the ELOHIYM must obey.

Remember this also, when Tut died, at about age 20 (probably poisoned or assassinated on orders of Horemheb), the first thing that Horemheb did was to propose marriage to Khiyah. She refused. Maybe even slapped him in the process. Either way, the massive ego of Horemheb was bruised! The bigger the ego, the bigger the bruise. If she did not produce a male "heir" who had a "divine right" to the Throne of Egypt, then Horemheb, the man she had rejected, would become Pharaoh upon the death of Aye, and have absolute power over her and her sisters.

Can you see the situation Aye and Khiyah were in?

But, they broke the Law of Karma, and Karma is not a "being". You can NOT wipe away Karma with begging for forgiveness. That would be like jumping off a tall building and praying to Gravity that you would not be flattened by the fall. Doesn't work that way.

The Soul of Adam "fell" and each Adamite has a portion of that Universal Adamic Soul. Adam had to return as the Prodigal Son, and restore things the way they were before, in the Spirit-World, where we "learn" from the mistakes we made in life and where we all "see" the consequences of our lies and selfish acts: like the butterfly who flaps its wings in the Congo, disturbs the air, which later becomes a hurricane and kills thousands of innocents in the Caribbean. Otherwise, our souls would be eternally "dead" (soul sleep) in the Spirit-World, and our spiritual and physical evolution would have been stopped forever.

Part Five Continued

The ancient Syrian Christian mystic, Aphrahat (270-345 A.D.), wrote in his Book of Steps, that Eve was the daughter of Adam, and the original sin was "sexual relations" between them (Book of Steps 25:3). Aphrahat claims to have received this information from mystical visions to the Third Heaven. In ancient Hebrew "son" could mean son or grandson, and "daughter" could mean daughter or grand-daughter; just as "father" could mean father or grandfather, and "sister" would mean sister or cousin or niece or aunt. Aphrahat did not get his information from merely reading the Bible, but from his out-of-body visits to the Spirit-World. The Apostle Paul got his "info" from visions and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), not from reading the Bible or being "trained in the word" by other Christians. There is no doubt, that Aphrahat the Seer had RH-negative blood (A-, B-, AB-, O-).