The Garden of Maru-Aten was located about 3 miles south of the City of Aten, in what is now called Tell Amarna, Egypt.

Part Five (continued)

To the Reader: I have divided Part Five into two sections, because some of you have slow computers and/or slow Internet access, and the pictures were not appearing on some of your computers. These pictures are vital for your understanding of what I am trying to say in this Part.

Didn't Aye know not to have carnal knowledge with his own grand-daughter?

We all have a conscience and a rational brain. I suspect that Aye knew in his conscience it was a wrong move, but his rational brain convinced him otherwise.

Aren't you just making all this up as you go along?

No. I'm not.

Is there any scientific evidence for an ancient Adamic race, with large brains?

Ashkenazi Jews have, on average, the largest brains of any humans living today, even larger than the Han Chinese. That is why they do so well in math, physics, business acumen, etc., just about all human endeavors except basketball and Sumo wrestling. That is a also a scientific fact. The ancient Adamites had who were pure-blooded Adamites probably had even larger brains than the Ashkenazi Jews.

Is there any proof that Adapa of Eridu exists?

He is mentioned in Sumerian king lists, as well as Sumerian "mythology". The name Adama and Adamu can be found in ancient Akkadian writing.

The Greek legend of Hercules is probably based upon a very strong ancient warrior who probably lived in what is now called Turkey. The ancients frequently used ancient heros in their mythological tales. Eridu certainly existed, and the ruins still exist, but most of it has returned to sand. Until a stone monument can be found in Sumerian or Akkadian, dated to 4000 BC, then Adapa cannot be proved to exist. Most scholars think the first alphabet was produced about 3500 to 3700 BC, although some think "signs" were used long before that. Some Chinese "bone" inscriptions go back to 4,000 BC, and the ancient Chinese bone instructions has links to proto-Sumerians "signs".

There is no "scientific" empirical evidence or "proof" that Adapa/Adama/Adamu ever existed. There is likewise no "proof" he did not exist.

Some channeled materials identify Adapa with the first Adam of Genesis.

Doesn't the Bible call Eve "the Mother of all living"?

Yes, but Sadam Hussein called the U.S. invasion in 2002 "The Mother of All Battles". Saddam did not mean it was "the first of all battles". The Muslims call Mecca "the Mother of all cities". The ancient Semitic phrase "Mother of all Living" does NOT mean "first human female to give birth" as Non-Semites "assumed" that to mean.

One must understand that the Old Testament is based upon very ancient Semitic "ways" of saying things. Not Anglo-Saxon, or Greek, or Latin, or German ways.

The Story of Adam and Eve in Genesis is a combination of two ancient scrolls: one about Adamah (Adapa of Eridu) and his wife "Ti" (tee) and the other about Pharaoh Aye of Egypt and his grand-daughter Khiyah. These are two different stories, about two different sets of men and women, separated by 2700 years. One is about a couple in Sumeria, and the other is about a couple in Egypt. Two different stories, that Ezra the Scribe took and made into one story: a Midrash (story for children).

The real "Eve" (i.e. Khiyah) was not a noble "goddess" like mortal figure that Mormons are raised to believe. Every Mormon girl is given "Eve" as her "example to follow". Yes, eat the fig that the Talking Snake gives to you! Yes, that was the right thing to do! Disobey God's command number TWO (do not eat of the tree) in order to obey God's command number ONE (have children). So, to Mormons, "EVE" is a noble, righteous, almost "GODDESS" like woman in whom all women should strive daily to emulate!

But the real "Eve" was NOT noble, but a selfish little immoral BRAT! Adam and Eve "sinned" in the Garden of Eden, which means Aye and Khiyah SINNED in the Garden of Maru-Aten.

But, we all can repent, and do better. She reincarnated, suffered for her mistakes, and we suffer for ours. We are all on the road to something "higher" but we are all subject to the "flesh" and the "ego". We all stumble, sin, and fall, at some point.

Doctor Dahesh said in 1964:

"If we are to consider the notion that human beings will end up going after death to either Heaven or Hell, depending on their deeds, then in essence we have denied the existence of Divine Mercy. The proof to what I am saying requires a simple arithmetic operation: If the average life of an individual is 70 years, then half of this life is used up in sleeping and another significant portion is used up in childhood, sickness, and eating. If you subtract from that the amount used up in working, it leaves about 10 years that can be dedicated to the individual himself. If this individual is a control freak, dissolute, dipsomaniac—as many individuals are, then he will not be able to get rid of these improprieties and sins and as a result, his fate is hell. In this fashion, Divine Mercy is nonexistent. This is where reincarnation comes in as an act of Divine Mercy. If the soul is unable to rid itself from all of its improprieties in the first cycle, it will be given a chance to do it in the next cycles and up to 6000 cycles.
During these life cycles, the soul is capable of ridding itself from its imperfections and to ascend to loftier-than-earth worlds, where the Universal Soul, which is the source of all souls, awaits.. As to the souls remaining on earth, they are nothing but shadows to the Universal Soul. In other words, the real Soul is beyond the body and exists in loftier worlds. As long as the individual continues to lie and commit evil, it is an indicator that the Spirit (or Universal Soul) is beyond the body, because the Spirit is pure and does not accept such improprieties. In the loftier worlds there are other temptations to the soul and could be different from sexual temptation, alcohol, and drugs. Reincarnation then is a fact and a reality. It is an act of Divine Mercy." (Arab Week magazine, Beirut, Lebanon, 12 Dec. 1964)

Evangelicalism teaches we have "one life" to accept Jesus or burn in Hell forever. Mormonism teaches we have "two" chances (one in mortality, and another in the Spirit-World) or inherit a Lower Kingdom of Glory (or Outer Darkeness). Daheshism teaches we have exactly 6,000 "cycles" (reincarnations) to rid ourselves of our imperfections, or face soul-annihilation in the Lake of Fire. Are the 6,000 lifetimes all this planet? No.

Catholicism teaches you have to accept the Pope in Rome, or burn in eternal Fire.

Evangelicalism teaches you have to confess Jesus as Lord, believe in "Bible doctrines" (i.e. literal Adam and Eve story, literal Global Flood, Trinity, etc.), or burn forever in the Fire.

Islam teaches you must become a Muslim, wear Muslim clothing, prayer five times a day, peform Salat at a Masjid (mosque) every Friday, do what the imam tells you to do, or burn forever in the Fire.

Mormonism teaches that you must be baptized by water into the One True Church, wear suits and ties on Sunday, give a very rich Church 10% of your income, obey Mormon leaders all your life, visit a Mormon Temple and wear French Baker outfits and perform secret handshakes, or you will be an "Eternal Eunuch":forever wanting to have sex, but not being able to.

Buddhism, Jainism, Cao Daiism, and Daheshism pretty much agree: that our religion, caste, race, ethnic group, church, has NO BEARING whatsoever on our eternal fate. The only thing we are "judged" by is our "karma". Our next life may be glorious or horrifying, all based upon our "karma".

Even Jesus could not escape the Universal Law. God does not punish one Son (Jesus) for the sin of a different Son (Adam).

So, what does the "sin" of Aye and Khiyah have to do with you or me?

Long story, but it has to do with the fact that Aye was the reincarnation of Adam Kadmon (i.e. Adapa), and the soul of Adam (Adapa) is the Father of the souls of all Adamites. We each get a copy of the soul of Adam Kadmon. Whatever "effects" the Soul of Adam Kadmon, also "effects" the souls of all Adamites. The souls of all Adamites before "Adam" sinned with Eve in the Garden, were "alive" conscious, in the Spirit-World. When "Adam" (i.e. Aye) sinned with "Eve" (i.e. Khiyah) the Soul of Adam "died" in the Spirit-World, and the souls of all Adamites also "died" (in the Spirit-World). That is why the Old Testament teaches "soul-sleep" (i.e. the dead no nothing, they don't pray, they have no thoughts or plans). The Soul of Adam had to "return" this world, as the Prodigal Son, to "suffer" for the sin of Aye in the Garden. Eve had to return as well. Do the math.

In other words, the descendants of Adam Kadmon (the First Adam), otherwise known as Adapa of Eridu, all inherit an exact copy of his "Soul" (taught in The Book of Zohar and other Kabbalistic books). All Adamites have the Soul of Adam Kadmon as their own soul. Whatsoever "happens" to the Soul of Adam Kadmon, also "happens" to our souls, because we are all "linked" in our souls by quantum entanglement.

Adam Kadmon (the First Adam) never sinned, until the Garden of Maru-Aten, when he sinned Khiyah; as Pharaoh Aye ("Adapa" returned). Khiyah was tempted by the Crobra (snake) Crown (i.e. she wanted to be Queen again and wear the crown). The Cobra Crown "whispered" to her (tempted her) in the same way that a new car, or truck, or a new house, or a Playboy magazine "tempts" a young man, or a dimond ring "whispers" (tempts) women.
Khiyah, who was Queen with her half-brother Pharaoh TutenAmun (who died at age 20), she knew that she would never be Queen again (never wear the Cobra crown again), unless she "convinced" Aye (her own grand-father) to marry her! So, she tempted Aye (Adam) with her "forbidden fruit" (i.e. taboo sexual relations), as her way to become Queen again. It worked.

Some Egyptologists "assume" that Aye had TutenAmun murdered, so that he (Aye) could become Pharaoh. This is not true. Horemheb had Tut murdered, and then he tried to marry Khiyah, so "he" would become pharaoh. It didn't work, so Horemheb came up with "Plan B".

The Soul of Adam "fell" (died spiritually). Our souls "died" spiritually (in the Spirit-World, not this world). When the Soul of Adam "enters" us, at about day 120 of the womb, we literally "inherit" the Soul of Adam (an exact copy of it), as well as we inherit the "sin" of the Soul of Adam, which karma leads to eternal death in the Spirit-World. So, the Second Adam (Aye) had to "return" to this world, and "suffer" for that sin in the Garden of Maru-Aten, so that all Mankind (i.e. the Bnei Adam--no reference to Pre-Adamites) may be "resurrected" (become alive again) in the Spirit-World. The resurrection is in the Spirit-World, NOT in our physical world.

There was no "death" in the Spirit-World, before Aye sinned in the Garden of Maru-Aten, about 1330 B.C. That is why the Old Testament (written in 500 B.C.-- 500 years before Jesus atoned on the Cross) teaches "soul sleep": i.e. that the dead are DEAD in the Spirit-World. They do not pray. They do not have thoughts. They do not make plans. That was TRUE from about 1350 B.C. until about 33 A.D., when Aye son of Yuya returned to this world (physical world), and "atoned" for the sin of the Second Adam via His suffering beginning in Gethsemane and ending on the Cross.

The Law of Karma is Universal, and applies to everyone, even to Adam Kadmon!

The Children of Adam and Eve

What about the children of Adam and Eve? Cain, Abel, Seth, and all the girls?

Genesis speaks of two creations of Adam: the first without Eve or the Garden, and the second with Eve and the Garden. What does that mean? Liberal scholars will say that one Jewish scribe wrote the first part of Genesis (Adam no Eve) and a second Jewish scribe came in later and wrote a second creation story of Adam, this time including Eve and a talking snake and a Garden of Eden. The first Jewish scribe did not object, because he was already dead for years or centuries. Why didn't the second Jewish scribe simply start over? Well, paper wasn't cheap in them days! The second scribe just took over when the first scribe died, and decided to redo the creation of Adam, and add Eve and the Garden and the Talking Snake to it.

What actually happened is this:

*The Babylonians, under King Nebuchannezar, were not getting protection money from the Kingdom of Judea. Instead, the King of Judah gave protection money to Egypt, with the promise that Egypt would protect them from the Babylonians. No, Egypt didn't. Egypt took the protection money and abandoned Judah to the Babylonians.

*The Babylonian army comes in, defeats the army of the King of Judah, and takes most (not all) Jews "captive" back to Babylon (Iraq). Not as slaves, but as captives. In other words, pay us what you owe us, and we'll let you go. So, the Jews work on farms they own, and pay taxes to the King of Babylon.

*Jeremiah says to the King of Judah: "Pay the Babylonians not the Egyptians". Other false prophets come in and say: "You are doing the right thing O King, by paying the Egyptians!" The King of Judah "wanted" to believe the false prophets, so, he did! Just like most people "believe what the "want" to believe, and ignore the truth if that truth is something they don't fancy.

*So, the Jews are in Babylon for 70 years, working, paying taxes. A few of the Jews get wealthy. The wealthy men have sons. Some of these sons are intellectuals. They know Babylon has the great library on all the world (they were aware of). So, some of them learned how to read Babylonian, and Akkadian. They went to the Great Library, and formed their own little intellectual "group" to talk about what they found there. They came across the story of "Adamah" (i.e. the Sumerian Adapa). They came across the Sabeans (Mandaeans) who told them about how Hibel Ziwah (Abel) was killed by his brother Qayin (Cain) and Marduk cursed the Qayin. They said these were the son of Adamah (Red Soil). Who was Adamah? He was the priest of Marduk, in the city of Eridu, to the south. The wife of Adamah was "Ti" (Sumerian: "Life" or "Living").

So, the intellectual sons of the wealthy Jews wrote that all down. They were "into" that stuff. Their brothers would spent time with prostitutes and "party" while they spent their times in the Great Library of Babylon, chatting with intellectual Babylonians and with each other. Reading things. Writing things down.

*King Cyrus of the Medes and Persians (Koresh) comes in and defeats the Babylonians, and discovers the Jews. He says to the Jews: "I'll send you back to Judea, and rebuilt Jerusalem and your Temple on my dime! Interested?"

Yeah, they were interested. King Cyrus probably had RH-negative blood. He was a Masdayasni (Zoroastrian).

So, King Cyrus gives Ezra the Priest and Scribe, the "authority" to take the first batch of Jews back to Judea, to build a wall around Jerusalem, and to rebuild the Temple. So, Ezra happens to belong to the group of intellectual Jews who spend all their time reading and discussing the past and other intellectual things: the School of the Prophets. So, he gets back to Judea, with the first batch of Jewish Returnees, starts to build the wall, and the Temple. He also brings with him lots of scrolls, including the information on the story of Adamah, and his wife Ti, and their sons Qayin, Hibil, and Seth.

*Ezra discovers a number of scrolls, written in archaic Hebrew, in a script he can barely read. One is about Pharaoh Aye and queen Khiyah, and a walled Garden. One is about AmunMose and plagues and his leading Israel out of Egypt, about 1150 BC. It is now 500 BC. So, the story about prince AmunMose was already 750 years old. The story about Pharaoh Aye and Khiyah, was older. The story of Adamah and Ti, goes back to 4000 BC.

*Ezra feels that the LORD has called him to write the Books of Moses. Genesis is the First Book of Moses. But where to begin? He has one story of Adamah and Ti, another story of Aye and Khiyah. What does he do? Does he write two stories? He decides to write one brief story, one that would be told to children, called later a "Midrash". He decides to combine the two couples (Aye and Khiyah and Adamah and Ti) as one couple, for this story that will be told to children. Both stories are good stories, and can be used to teach children moral principles. So, he combines them.

While in Babylon, Ezra also discovers, in the Great Library of Babylon, the story of Nakht and the great wooden ship, and the animals. He already knows the story of Abraham and Sarah. That story has been around a long time. But Jewish children always ask "What does Nakht mean?" Because all Hebrew names have meanings. "Nakht" doesn't mean anything in Hebrew. The story is interrupted by curious children (and some adults): "What does NAKHT mean?" So, Ezra changes the name of NAKHT (Hurrian="He came down {from heaven]") to NOE-AWKH (Hebrew: "Rest"). A play on words, because the Ark "rested" on the Mountains of Urartu (NOT the "Mountain of Ararat").

Adapa (Adamah) and Ti really existed.

Cain and Abel really existed (the descendants of Cain still live in Arabia and Iraq and Elam and call themselves the "Solubba" or "Qayin"). They have a "mark" of protection on their foreheads. They never ever farm. They have sheep and goats, and camels. They work as mental workers, "pot and pan" salesmen, herders, desert guides. They are WHITE. They are lighter-skinned than the Arabs around them. They speak Arabic, but they are not linked to Arabs by DNA. They are not Semites. They are linked to the Sumerians and Elamites.

Nakht (Noah) and his Ark really existed.

Pharaoh Aye and princess/queen Khiyah really existed.

Prince AmunMose and his brother Aaron, really existed.


The first Adam of Genesis was Adapa of Eridu, who was the priest of Enki, in Eridu, the first city of the Sumarians, who lived about 4,000 BC. He was priest under King Alulim of Eridu, the first king among the Sumerians (and only king of Eridu not all of Sumeria). At that time, each city was ruled by a king. There is no "proof" that Adapa really lived, although his name is mentioned in Sumerian and Akkadian tablets. The Sumerians spoke a language not like any other on this planet. The Akkadians spoke a form of Semitic, somewhat similar to Arabic and Hebrew. The Akkadians changed the name of A-D-A-P-A to A-D-A-M-A. In Sumerian Adapa means "Wise Man". In Akkadian Adamah means "red soil". Like the Hebrews, the Akkadians changed the names of Sumerian gods and heros and ancestors into "names" that meant something in Akkadian. "Adapa" has no meaning in Akkadian, but "Adamah" means "Red Soil".

Adapa was married to Ti (tee), which means "life" in Sumerian. She became known as "Mother Ti" (Mother of Life) among the Adamites. The Adamites called the Pre-Adamites "beasts with hands". Yes, that sounds a bit "racist" and it was! However, the Adamites were the superior race! That was just a fact. They were not the first human beings on this planet. They were the first Adamites. They are the ones who had Cain and Abel and Seth. They did not need to have daughters, because Cain found a wife in the Land of Nod (now called Elam). They did not need to marry their sisters (although that was not uncommon at the time). There were plenty of young women around in city of Eridu, for the sons to get wives. Cain was cursed with wandering and with not being able to farm successfully. His descendants are the Qayin (Cain), also called the Sleb and Solubba. They still exist. Abel (Hibil) had children before he was killed, they became the Sabeans. They still live not far from Eridu. They are called "Mandaeans" by Western scholars.

The Sethites decided it would be best for them to relocate. So, they relocated to the mountains of Armenian, and Lake Van. You know what happened to them.

Even today, not far from the ruins of Eridu, in southern Iraq, there exists a tribe of people called the Mandaeans ("Mandaya"), who claim that the founder of their religion was Hibil Ziwag (Abel), In Saudi Arabia and in Syria and Iraq, and Elam (the Land of Nod) you will find another tribe called the "Qayin" (Arabic: "Cain"). They do not farm. They are workers in metal, and musicians, and desert guides. They are not Negroes. They do not have black skin. They are white. They have a tribal mark of protection on their foreheads, in the shape of a "T". It is a sign to others: "If you kill a Qayin, then seven Qayin will avenge his death". They do not farm, because they claim the ground is cursed under them. The Bedouins do not marry with the Qayin, because they are considered "cursed" by Allah. They wander from place to place, with their animals and their tents. They never stay in one place long. They fully admit that Cain is their ancestor. After all, when they try to farm, it never works. The Qayin are also called the Sleb and the Solubba.

What about Seth and the Sethites? The Sethites left the desert for ARATA (Urartu), the land of the lava flows. Sumeria and Urartu had thriving trade before 4,000 BC, when Adapa showed up. The Sumerians needed things from the Hurrians they did not have, and the Urartuans (Hurrians) needed things from the Sumerians they did not have. So, they traded. The family of Seth found themselves living in Urartu, mixing with the locals there over centuries. By the time of Nakht the Wine-Maker (2900 BC), the RH-Negative blood (brought first by Adapa) was almost extinct. Something had to be done to preserve that special blood. The future evolution of the human species depended on that.

Ezra the Scribe found these two stories of "Adam" which seemed to contradict each other. One was a Sumerian, and the other an Egyptian Pharaoh. What to do? He mixed them together into one story, a story for children, to teach them moral principles. And....the two stories...were both TRUE!

Amazingly, the descendant of Hibil (Abel) still exist today, and are called the Sabeans/Mandaeans. The descendants of Qayin (Cain) still exist today, and are called the Sleb/Solubba. Both tribes are light-skinned. The Sabeans/Mandaeans farm, but the Sleb/Solubba do not farm but are metal workers, musicians, herd sheep and goats and camels, are work as desert guides. To this day, they admit they are the children of Cain and that the ground is "cursed" under them which is why they must "wander" (in Hebrew "land of Nod" means "land of Wandering").

The Sethites interbred with the Hurrians, and no doubt influenced their language and culture. They were all drowned when a comet hit the Indian Ocean about 2900 BC. There was flooding all over the planet, but the Kingdom of Urartu was particularly devastated because the land consists of valleys surrounded by high mountains. The River Aras (Araxes) flows out of very narrow mountain gorges. If these gorges get clogged (by mud/wood/ice) then the water backs up and fills the valleys like bath tubs. The valley of Lake Van has absolutely no place for the water to go but the center of the valley (Lake Van). The massive Royal Palace of Rusa, King of Urartu (c. 2900 BC) is still to this day submerged in over 100 feet of water.

Only 8 descendants of Seth remained alive after the Great Flood. They left Urartu about 300 years after the flood, and settled in the Valley of Shinar in what is now southern Turkey. They were called the Chaldeans (worshippers of Khaldi). From the Valley of Shinar (still called "Shinar" in Turkey) they dispersed in all directions, with some moving 90 miles south where they built a City ("Ur") which is now called "Salifura" Turkey. Gradually, the native Khaldians were overrun with Semites from the South, and their native language was replaced with Aramean (Syriac); which is probably a combination of Akkadian and Hurrian/Sethite. It was in this city that Abraham was born.

So the story of Adam and Eve is not really true, but just a combination of two older stories about two different couples?

The story is based upon:

*Adapa and Ti and their children Qayin, Hibil, and Seth.

*Aye and Khiyah, who dwelt in the Garden of Maru-Aten.

According to "channeled" materials, Aye was the reincarnation of Adapa, and Adapa was not born on this planet. He was born, of human parents, who were descendants of humans brought from Earth to another planet, in another solar system, 18,000 years before Adapa was born. There are no coincidences nor accidents in a Looped Cosmos.

But this sounds so insane!

It's get more insane. The Cosmos is more "insane" than you can possibly now imagine.

The Fig Tree and Mount Sinai Explained

In real "Garden of Eden" (Gan Eden--Walled Garden of Delight) was the Garden of Maru-Aten, located just south of the City of Aten, in Egypt: built by direction of Pharaoh AhkenAten, the nephew and son-in-law of Aye son of Yuya.

In ancient Egypt, the goddess Hathor was the Gooddess of Fertility. Fertility was important. You wanted your cows to have lots of calves and you wanted you wife to have lots of children. So, "fertility" was important. Without calves, you could starve. Without children, there would be nobody to take care of you once you became too old to work in the field. The "symbol" of the goodess Hath was either 1) a cow with a Solar Disk between its horn or 2) a sexy young female emerging from a Fig Tree. The Fig Tree was the "sacred tree" of Hathor. Why? Don't know. Maybe because fig trees were very "fertile" trees. The Egyptians did not have apple trees. They have olive trees, and nut trees of various kinds, palm trees that produced "dates" (the kind you eat, not the kind you go "out" on), many other type of fruit trees, but no apple trees. The Fig Tree was considred "sacred" because it was dedicated to Hathor. And in ancient Egypt, Hathor had two main Temples: on in Dedera on the Nile, and the main temple in what is now called Serabit al-Khadem, in the Sinai Penninsula (about center/east of that penninsula). Very rich Egyptians had "pleasure gardens" that included a small "temple" or shrine to Hathor, which included the Fig Tree, so they didn't have to travel to the Temple of Hathor of Dedera or Serabit el-Khadim on the Sinai Penninsula.

In the Garden of Maru-Aten, there was a Sacred Fig Tree, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor. She was the goddess of "fertility". Women who were barren, or wanted to have a child, ate "figs" because they were sacred to Hathor. Hathor was a goddess in the Egyptian pantheon. Hathor in Egypt is called "Ashtoroth" in Canaan, or "Ishtar" in ancient Iraq. Same "goddess" of fertility. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, was "her" tree: the Sacred Fig Tree. Yes, it was associate with "sex". Sex is the Carnal Knowledge that can be either "good" or "evil". Depending on how that "knowledge" is used. Right? It can result in evil or good. If you have "carnal knowledge" and you have a male child, in ancient Egypt, you've been "blessed by Hathor". That is GOOD. However, if your wife has an sexual affair with another man, that is EVIL. That is why the Sacred Fig Tree, sacred to Hathor, represented the "knowledge" that could be either "good" or "evil'. Not always good. Not always evil. But, if you wanted your wife to get pregnant, and she wasn't getting pregnant, you visited the Temple of Hathor, got naked, dressed in fig leaves, ate figs, and hopefully that worked. If not, there were other options.

Ancient Egypt had two major Hathor temples, one in Dedera, on the Nile, and the other in Serabit el-Khadim, on the Sinai Penninsula, just East of the "Winderness of Sin" (by "Sin" is meant the Semitic Moon god "Sin" not "sin" as in "breaking the law of God" kinda sin). Midianite (Semitic) tribes dwelt in the Wilderness of Sin (the Moon god) taking their goats and sheep from one patch of grass in the desert to the other, from one oasis to the other, scratching out a living from the scorching desert mountains, mesas, and wadis (seasonal rivers).

This map lists all the "candidate mountains" for Mount Sinai. The Temple of Hathor was located on top of the mesa now called Serabit el-Khadim, in the Sinai penninsula, east of the Winderness of Sin (the Midianite Moon god). The Temple had tons of monoatomic gold, hidden, deep under the temple. The Egyptian armies stopped here on the way to Canaan, if they wished to avoid being spotted by Canaanites in the nothern Sinai (who would then warn other Semites the Egyptians were coming).

The earliest "Hebrew' writing every found (Hebrew and Canaanite were the same language). You can call it the earlier Canaanite writing every found, was at a turquoise mine, run by the Egyptians, at a mountain now called Serabit El-Khadem. The mountain of flat on the top. There is a plateau at the top, and a large temple was there at one time. That was the main Temple of Hathor, on the Sinai Penninsula, about center-left on that penninsula. That was Hathor's main temple in all of Egypt. Why? Who knows? That's just where the put it. In that Temple, of course, they had a Sacred Fig Tree, and, yes, if a Egyptian couple couldn't have a kid, and they tried the "fig eating" thing back in Egypt, and it didn't work, last resort: you made a pilgrimage to the Temple of Hathor in Dedera, Egypt, on the Nile north of the Valley of the Kings, or you make a pilgrimage to the main Temple of Hathor on the Sinai Penninsula to the place now called Serabit el-Khadim. Huge temple. They got a lot of business. They "did" a lot of "business" (if you get my drift).

The oldest part of the Temple of Hathor at Serabit el-Khadim is very old, dating back to about 1800 BC at least. The Exodus has been dated anywhere from 1600 BC to 1150 BC. I personally believe it was 1150 BC, or about the time of the rebel Egyptian prince AmunMose (Amenmesse) and Pharaoh Setnakhte.

The Egyptians used slaves at the turquoise mine on this mountain (really, not a mountain but a "mesa") below the Temple of Hathor at Serabit el-Khadim (the modern name). The absolute oldest Canaanite/Hebrew writing ever found, was in these caves. One graffiti says 'Yah help me!" Another says "To the Lady" (i.e. Hathor). Scholars call this writing Proto-Sinaitic. It was the "mother" of Hebrew, Canaanite/Phoenician, Luwian, Greek, Cretan, Etruscan, LATIN writing. English uses the LATIN alphabet. Cyrillic (Russian/Bulgarian) is based upon the Greek. It all goes back to these caves on Serabit el-Khadem. It all began in these caves. Proto-Sinaitic is based, of course, on Demotic Egyptian. The head of a man. The head of a cow. A bow (as in bow and arrow), flowing water, etc. All these became "consonants". That is how Canaanite/Hebrew writing began. It all begin right there, in the caves of Serabit el-Khadem, just below the Temple of Hathor at the top of the flat hill (which is a flat mesa). Not really a mountain, more of a "mesa". But ancient Hebrew had no word for "Mesa" (flat hill) other than "Har" (high place) which is translated as "mountain".

So, you know the story of how Moses leads to Israelites to Mount Sinai, and Moses goes up and basically "gets lost" for "forty days" (the number "40" in ancient Hebrew simply means "many" not a literal "forty"). So, during the absence of Moses, the Israelites decide to "party" and "get naughty" (dance naked, do naked things) and then they demand of Aaron, the brother of Moses, that he makes them a "god" from the gold they stole from the Egyptians (at least some of it). So, Aaron say "Okay, sure, whatever!" and Aaron fashions a Golden Calf (a young cows). Remember, cows are females, and bulls are males. Why did Aaron form a Golden Calf? Why not a Master-of-the-Universe type "Iron Man" Super-Bad strong man, to represent YHWH? Why a Golden "CALF"? Why a young cow? Every year was a special day dedicated to the goddess Hathor, in Egypt, and people "partied naked". After all, she was the Goddess of Fertility.

The answer is simple. Because the Israelites found themselves next to the mountain that was sacred of Hathor. One of the symbols of Hathor was the COW. Just another symbol of fertility. If you live in the Nile Delta, or anywhere in Egypt, you want your cows to be fertile. You want the land to be fertile. You want your women to be fertile. To be a success in life, you need "fertility". So, whenever you need our cow to bear a calf, or your wife to bear a child, you "worship" Hathor, the goddess of fertility. The fig tree was sacred to Hathor. If you wanted your wife to get pregnant, you and her dressed in fig leaves, ate figs, and "did it" in the name of Hathor. If Hathor was pleased with it, your wife would get pregnant. If not, you try again, and again, and again. If still your wife can't have a child, your took a sabbatical and you went to Serabit el-Khadem, to the huge Temple of Hathor at the top. If you were a dude "who shot blanks" that was no problem, because the priests of Hathor would have sex with your wife. All of them. That might do the trick. She might get pregnant then. But, maybe not. If your wife didn't get pregnant, you had sex with all the priestesses. If one of them got pregnant, you came back 9 months later, and picked up your kid. Hathor has blessed you with a child!

So, the Israelites found themselves at the Sacred Mountain of Hathor, beneath the Temple of Hathor, just East of the Wilderness of Sin. And Moses goes up to that Temple for "forty days". What do you think? Remember, you had no newspapers. You had no radio. All you know is that a Hebrew who used to be an Egyptian prince named "Moses" is leading you to this Temple of Hathor. You may have concluded that it was the goddess Hathor is the one who led your out of Egypt, and drowned the chariots of Pharaoh. You may think that. So, how do you "worship" the goddess Hathor? How do you "thank" Hathor? How do you "worship" Hathor? The goddess of Fertility. Think about that. Do the math. You didn't have to twist people's arms to get them to run around naked and fornicate; especially if they think that is "okay" with the god you are worshipping that particular day.

On the walls of some Egyptian temples, you will find depictions of Hathor. Sometimes she is depicted as a cow, or even a calf (symbol of fertility). Other times, Hathor is depicted as a sexy young woman, who arises from a Fig Tree. Can you understand why the ancient Egyptians did that? Fertility. Figs. Fig tree produces figs. Eat figs if you want your wife to get pregnant. If that does not work, travel to the Temple of Hathor and pay the priests/priestesses there, and either your wife is gonna pregnant, or you go back in nine months and pick up your kid from one of the priestesses. Everybody is happy. Priests and priestesses get your money, and you get a kid. Everybody has sex. Not hard to figure out. The "Carnal Knowledge". The Fig Tree: the symbol of the Knowledge that can be for Good or for Evil.

Why did Pharaoh Aye have "carnal knowledge" with Khiyah his own grand-daughter?

How can anything justify that? Nothing can. Here is the situation that Aye (Ay) found himself in:

*His family was dying out. His nephew AkhenAten, dead. His daughter Nefertiti, dead. His wife dead. His grandson King Tut, dead. His son Nakhtmin, whom he had designated "Crown Prince" and "King's Son" and successor, dead. How? Probably via the plans of Horemheb (also called "Harmheb"). Horemheb wanted to be pharaoh, and nothing was gonna get in his way.

*His wife was dead. His son and heir was dead. He was now in his late 60s or early 70s! If he did not produce a "son" to succeed him, then once he died, what was left of his family (a few grand-daughters) would be at the mercy of Horemheb, the general of the army.

*He needed to produce an HEIR, a son, who could succeed him.

*He could marry 100 common women if he wanted to, but NONE of the sons of these women would be considered an HEIR to the throne, because they didn't have "Divine Blood" (i.e. not of the royal Egyptian blood). Thus, once Aye died, he could not longer protect the "remnant" of his family, nor his friends or servants. They would all be at the mercy of Horemheb his enemy. Why not just kill Horemheb? Because he was cautious and had "friends" in high places.

Aye became the "Second Prophet of Amun" after the death of Nefertiti. Why? Because that way he would have some "power" in the very powerful priesthood of Amun (Amen). But he was not the "First Prophet of Amun". Remember that. The First Prophet of Amun was a friend of Horemheb, and probably related to Horemheb by blood and/or marriage. Getting rid of Horemheb, would bring the wrath of the First Prophet of Amun down upon Aye, and what was "left" of his family.

King Tut was dead. His own son Nakhtmin died at year 4 of the reign of Aye. His only son and "heir to the throne" was DEAD. All seemed lost. It seemed as if Horemheb was going to win. As soon as Aye was dead, Horemheb would force Khiyah into marriage, and Horemheb would rule as the new Pharaoh. He would either marry or kill the remnant of the family of Aye, so as to wipe out all rivals.

That is what Aye was facing. But....(don't get me started):

*If Aye married Khiyah (which was not uncommon for Pharaohs to marry their daughters...Khiyah was grand-daughter), and had a "son" and "heir" then that would frustrate the plans of Horemheb. The son would have the "right" to the throne of Egypt, and the remnant of the family of Aye (what was left), as well as his friends and servants, would remain safe and living in Maru-Aten.

So, that is what he did. NOT a justification! But that is what he did.

Like all Egyptians at the time, Aye wanted a son. He married Khiyah, because he HAD TO for the son to claim the throne! Like all Egyptians at the time, what do you do when you want your wife to have a child QUICK? You ate figs, from the sacred fig tree, dedicated to the goddess Hathor. You got naked, and wore fig leaves. Pretty simple. He wanted to get an son and hair....FAST.

But (...) it did NOT work! Why? Because Horemheb decided he had waited long enough. He had "spies" among the servants at Maru-Aten, who said to him: "Pharaoh Aye is going to have a son with Queen Khiyah!" Oh boy! Horemheb did NOT want to hear that! He spoke with the First Prophet Amun "We gotta do something, and NOW!" Once Khiyah got pregnant, and it was a son, and she bore that son successfully, Horemheb's chances to sit on the throne of Egypt were GONE. Or, he would have to murder the child, and start from scratch. Instead, Horemheb "raised" Maru-Aten with "cherubiym" (shining ones--chariots) and "flaming sword" (torches). At night. While most everyone was asleep. He "cast out" Aye and Khiyah. Maybe killed them. Maybe just cast them out to the desert and said "walk". Maybe they died. Maybe they were saved and "shipped off" to Adam-ondi-Ahman Missouri. Bold move, but it worked. Horemheb becomes the new pharoah!

So, that is the meaning, the real historical meaning, of the Fig Tree, the wearing of the fig leaves, and why the Israelites demanded that Aaron fashion a Golden Calf at the Holy Mountain. That is why "Adam" sinned with "Eve". But (.....), it was the WRONG CHOICE wasn't it? Because, even though such an act of marrying your own grand-daughter would not have raised an eye-brow with the ancient Egyptians (Pharaohs did this to preserve the Divine blood), that IS AGAINST THE LAW OF GOD. The Soul of Adam "fell". The souls of all Adamites "died" in the Spirit-World. And that "soul sleep" would have been eternal in duration, unless Aye returned as the Prodigal Son and "atoned" for the "original sin".

Jesus and the Fig Tree

So, Aye returns to atone. Otherwise, the Adamites could not progress spiritually, because in the Spirit-World we "see" the "damage" we did with our lies and selfish sinful acts. Each lie or sinful act sends out "karmic waves" like two Neutron Stars that collide and sent out "Gravitational Waves" throughout the Cosmos. Those waves keep going! A butterfly in the Congro who flaps its wings, that "slight disturbance of the air" may eventually grow into a massive hurricane that kills thousands of people in the Caribbean. Every act we commit, sends out "karmic waves" and affects everything around us, and can "grow" over time. Every act of mercy and kindness. Every act of cruelty and selfishness. Every "lie" no matter how "justified" in our minds, sends out "karmic waves". For most of us, every "lie" and selfish act we do is "justified" in our minds. People and situations "made us do that". Or, we were "justified". But....we're NOT! We only truly learn that lesson in the Spirit-World, where we shall be "shown" the damage we have done by our lies and selfish "karmic" actions. Without that lesson learned, there is no spiritual growth. Without individual spiritual growth, there is no return to the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no progress of the soul.

To Jesus, to the Soul of Adam, the Fig Tree represented the Fall of Adam, His own "fall"; because He is Adam "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38). His "given in" to temptation, which resulted not only in His "death" in the Spirit-World, but the deaths of all the Bnei Adam in the Spirit-World. That would be like, lets say, you're a good husband and father. But, one day, a sexy young woman sends you "photos" on the Internet via email. You love your wife, and you know you should not email that sexy young girl. But, you do anyway. Just for fun, with no bad intentions. Eventually, it all results in your committing adultery, your wife divorces you, takes away your kids, the house, the car, and half your bank account (at least). Then she also takes away from you 20% of your income until your youngest child turns 18. Also, you can only get your kids every other weekend, and two weeks in the Summer. Also, she gets the dog, and you love that dog. Also, you now have to find another women, if you want to have a family, and you have to do so as a much poorer man, and you KNOW that attractive women LOVE NESTS (i.e. houses, fancy cars, nice clothing, BIG bank accounts). So, the woman you lost is a "8" on a bad day, and you're now a much poorer man, with kids you can only see sometimes. You realize that your next girlfriend is not gonna be an "8". Maybe she's a "6". You've got to marry a "6" and get into debt buying another house. Oh boy! So, you go into your new apartment, on the bad side of town, and you notice that COMPUTER that started all this. You grab it, and you SMASH IT TO PIECES. Because, after all, the computer is what made you FALL. And, you'd probably be in a bad mood for awhile after that.

But, its not over. You realize you ex-wife is getting married to another dude, and your kids are already calling that other dude "Daddy" and you new girlfriend's ass is getting WIDER every single day! And, she's now withholding sex until you buy her a house! So, you know your life is screwed. So, after you smash the computer, you go out to a bar, get drunk, start a fight with some other poor slobs, and toss them around a bit. Maybe you yell at the guy who cuts you off. Whose to blame for all this? Anybody, and everybody, but NOT YOU! You're as innocent as the driven snow! You blame the affair on your ex-wife, for "nagging" you all the time. You blame for boss for giving you "too much stress". You blame that young sexy slut for sending you photos in her bikini! You blame your parents. You BLAME EVERYBODY, but "yourself". You "justify" the affair, because, after all, your wife was getting a little heavy after your last kid. Everybody is to BLAME...but "you"!

Then, the next day, you realize YOU are the CAUSE of YOUR own problems. You finally take full responsibility and say "Ok, it was my fault, and I'll take the punishment whatever it is, however long it lasts!" On that DAY, you become the Prodigal Son, and God lets you back into His presence.

12 The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry.

13 Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs.

14 Then he said to the tree, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” And his disciples heard him say it.

15 On reaching Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple courts and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves,

16 and would not allow anyone to carry merchandise through the temple courts.

17 And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’

18 The chief priests and the teachers of the law heard this and began looking for a way to kill him, for they feared him, because the whole crowd was amazed at his teaching.

19 When evening came, Jesus and his disciples went out of the city.

20 In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots.

21 Peter remembered and said to Jesus, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered!” (Matthew chapter 25)

Jesus curses the Fig Tree

So, if you have ever wondered why Jesus cursed the Fig Tree, now you know.

Jesus was the Prodigal Son in His "Parable of the Prodigal Son". He was the Son who "blew" His inheritance, was too ashamed to go back to His Father, but went back, with humility, to accept His punishment, and His Father welcomed Him back, and dressed Him in the Father's finest robes, and set a great feast for His Beloved Son. Jesus was Adapa of Eridu, and Aye son of Yuya who "sinned" in the walled Garden with Khiyah (Eve) and He had many other lives on this planet, but so have you!

Are you calling Jesus a horrible sinner???

No, Jesus did not sin. He was tempted by Mary Magdalene, and very beautiful young woman. He did not give in. He "overcame" sexual temptation. He did not have "women on the side, in secret" as some active Mormon males do, before they marry in the Temple to their "Eternal Companion". Jesus was not a hypocrite. But remember this: God does not punish one Son, for the sins of a different Son! Adam is called "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38).

Jesus made a whip and "drove the money-changers" out of the Temple, because they were selling pigeons (if you were poor and Jewish you had to buy a pigeon at the Temple for the priests to sacrifice for you sins for that year). Rich Jews offered the firstborn lamb of bull, but poor Jews could offer a pigeon (Judaism was not a great religion for pigeons). The "money-changers" got pigeons mostly from teen-aged men who caught them, and then sold them to poor Jews on the Temple compound at a profit mark-up of like 3000%. It would be like someone selling clean water after a hurricane or earthquake (when the water is shut off), at $300 per gallon. The money-changers would also change Roman coins for Temple Shekels, at a huge profit. The two high priests of the Temple got a "cut" of the profits. The poor were exploited by these men. That is why Jesus drove these men out with a hand-made whip!

Jesus has lived many lives on this planet, as have you. The Soul of Adam Kadmon sinned ONE TIME. How many sins have YOU committed?

Jesus is not Jehovah. Jesus is not the Son of Jehovah. He is not the Son of Adam. He is Adam the "Son of God" (Luke 3:38). He has lived many lives on this planet, but so have you!

Adam Kadmon is not the "Father" of our souls. His Soul, and our souls, are ONE SOUL. He is the Universal Soul of the Adamic Race.

Moses on Mount Sinai

The hebrew words "Har Sinai" simply means "high places that belongs to Sin (the Moon god)".

So, the Book of Exodus says that Moses "fasted" for forty days and nights on the mountain. In ancient Hebrew "forty" means "many": not a literal "40". Why didn't they just say "many"? Because they didn't. They said "forty" to mean "many".

What was Moses doing up there at the Temple of Hathor for "many days and nights"? Was he having sex with the priestesses (and/or priests)?

No, he wasn't having sex with all the priestesses (or priests). He was there to get something, and that something was (drum roll please) MANNA. Otherwise known as monoatomic gold. The Temple of Hathor had tons of it. What is monoatomic gold? it is the most unusual substance on this planet. It is not metal, but it made from gold. The Egyptians manufactured it by the ton, at the Temple of Hathor (and a few other places). What for? That would take, another long article. Suffice it to say, for now, Moses was not there "party" with the priests and priestesses. He could have taken 6,000 fighting men up to the Temple of Hathor, and killed all the priests and priestesses, and stolen the the riches and the monoatomic gold. But he didn't do that. He had to convince them, to give him the monoatomic gold (the "manna" from heaven). What did he have in exchange to give them? He could have killed them, but he forbade the Israelites from stepping foot on the mountain. Why? Because he knew that the Israelite men would want to have sex with the priestesses (for they were "comely" like Fanny Alger) and some would kill the priests and priestesses in order to get the treasure. Sure, Moses would try to stop them, but could he? Could he stop some of the Israelite fighting men from raping the priestesses (and some priests) and murdering them and stealing the treasures? Maybe. Maybe not. And, still, the Manna would be hidden and lost. But Moses NEED THAT MANNA and him huge qualities! So, why take a chance by killing the priests and priestesses? There was a better way to get the Manna.

The Temple of Hathor at Serabit el-Khadim, just east of the Wilderness of Sin (the Midianite Moon god). The temple is not on a mountain but on a mesa. The ancient Hebrew word "Har" could be translated as mountain, or hill, or mesa

Moses was "negotiating" with the high priests of Hathor, to get the monoatomic gold: all of it. Yes, he could have had them all murdered, but he didn't go that route. It took "many days" (not a literal 'forty" days). Moses had to convince the high priests that he was the true First Prophet of the King of the Gods. They were not gonna "take his word" for it. The last they heard of AmunMose, he murdered and Egyptian and fled to Midiam. Now, he is the same dude, with 20,000 Apiru (Hebrews) at the bottom of the mountain, some living in the mines, scraping their Apiru writing on the walls. The high priests would die for Hathor, before they would give Moses the sacred MANNA! They would die before they let that happen. Also, the monoatomic gold was "hidden" in the holy mountain. Maybe Moses could find it, or maybe he couldn't. Yes, he could have them all killed, and look around and hopefully he could find it. But, maybe he couldn't. Moses had to "prove" to them that he was the rightful First Prophet of AMUN/AMEN, the rightful Prophet. But they knew that First Prophet of Amun was in Thebes, and the priests of Hathor knew that. So, what was AmunMose doing here? To rob them! they thought. "You'll never find the Manna, AmunMose!" He had to convince them to give the MANNA to him. How?

AmunMose (Moses) had RH-Negative blood. If he "fasted" for many days (not a literal 40 days) he would be able to have "visions". He would be able to tell to the priests "You have hidden the Manna is this place!" It was like a puzzle: "Prove to us you are the true First Prophet of Amun, where the Manna is hidden, and we shall give you the Manna!" (or at least some of it...they probably had multiple batches hidden in different locations). Pretty simple. To reach that altered state of consciousness, like any good Shaman does, he had to "fast" and meditate, to find the answer, to sap into the Akashic Records, to "tap" into the Universal Cosmic Internet. And...he did. So, they gave Moses the MANNA from Heaven (probably not all of it, probably just one hidden batch of it). So, why was that important?

Why would Moses need tons of monoatomic gold? Was he looking to sell it?

The Egyptians found out long ago, that if they turned gold into powder, and drank it (with water, or beer), it "changed" their bodies. Their troops and horses would be able to march many miles in the deserts, for many days, weeks, every months, with only water and "Manna". Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt. No, there were not "3 million". That number is based upon a mistranslation of a Hebrew word for "thousand". The "fighting men" (gibboriym) of Israel that Moses took out from Goshem was not "600 thousand" (as it says in Greek and English Bibles) but 600 "units". The basic fighting unit of the ancient Hebrews was the Company of 10. Moses had 600 "companies" of 10, or 6,000 fighting men (all males between the ages of 15 and 70). That would have put the total Israelite population (men, women, children) in the Wilderness of Sin (the Moon god) at about 20,000 to 25,000. They also had animals with them, which they intended to eat and get milk from. However, Moses knew that was not enough. Israel would be roaming the desert for a long time, "forty years" (many years, not a literal 40 years), so they needed MANNA to help sustain them.

It was also believed that MANNA would make barren women and cattle fertile again. This is why the Temple of Hathor made tons of it. But they hid it, and Moses did not know what they did with it. Yes, Moses could have killed them all, all the priests and priestesses of the Temple of Hathor, but the Manna would still be hid. So, Moses had to prove to the high priests of Hathor that he was the rightful first Prophet of Amun/Amen. To do that, he had to "fast" (not eat or drink for many days) so he could tap into the Universal Cosmic Internet (Akashic Records) and tell them where they had hid the Manna.

Monoatomic gold is not that hard to make. You simply take gold, which is rather soft and brittle in its natural state, and you begin to crush it. Most gold in found in small "flakes" anyway. You continue to crush it smaller and smaller until eventually it becomes a powder.

But doesn't the Bible say that Israel was fed for forty years in the Wilderness with Manna from heaven, so how can you call this gold? We can't eat gold!!!

Forty years in ancient Hebrew means "many years" not a literal "forty" years. Yes, they were fed. Not every morning. You must remember this: that when Ezra the Scribe wrote the Book of Exodus, he wrote it about 500 BC. But he wrote it from various ancient scrolls that were written in Proto-Sinaitic (Canaanite/Hebrew writings from about 1200 BC and earlier). Proto-Sinaitic contained only consonants and one vowel (the "W" which could be any vowel). So, Ezra the Scribe and the other scribes he worked with had to "guess" what the 700 year old ancient Hebrew scrolls they had "said". Yes! Scholars know that! How? Because in many places they get ancient names "wrong" because they read ancient names on the ancient scrolls written in Proto-Sinaitic, and there are only consonants, one "guess vowel" (the "w") was pronounced "WAW" in ancient Hebrew/Canaanite, but in Ezra's time it was pronounced as a "K" (Qawf). Believe me, scholars know that. Ezra and the others were NOT working off of "oral traditions". They were actually reading very ancient Hebrew scrolls written in a Proto-Sinaitic, in a language they could only "somewhat" understand. That would be like you or I trying to understand "Middle English". If we didn't know what many of the words mean, we would have to guess. But what if Middle English was written with consonants only an a "guess vowel" that once had to guess at? We could "get" a lot of it, but some of much of it we would have to "guess".

Proto-Sinaitic Script (origin of Hebrew, Phoenician, Arabic, Syriac, Luwian, Greek, Latin, Cyrillic)

And the answer to your statement "We cannot eat gold!" you are correct, but we CAN eat mono-atomic gold,and thousands of people do: every day It is sold on the Internet as a dietary supplement, every day! You have to remember this:

*The Five Books of Moses (ToRAH) was written by Ezra the Scribe and other scribes, about 500 BC. They based it not upon oral traditions, but very ancient scrolls they had written in Proto-Sinaitic. These ancient scrolls are the true "Word of God". Otherwise known as the "Autographs". Inspired Revelation. But Erza and the other Scribes could barely understand the Hebrew/Canaanite language of 1200 BC. They spoke the Hebrew of 500 BC: 700 years after AmunMose died. Even more difficult, was reading the Proto-Sinaitic! That would be you or me reading Old Norse in the original Rune script! If we knew the pronunciation of most of the consonants, we could figure out 80% of what it was saying. But, the only 20% we'd have to give it our best guess. That's it.

*The ancient Greek Jews translated the Five Book of Moses, by Ezra and other Scribes, who wrote in 500 BC.. These Jews in Alexandria Egypt, spoke Greek, and Hebrew (the Hebrew of their day), in about 200 BC, so about 300 years after Ezra. Also, Hebrew and Greek does not translate "word for word". Hebrew is a Semitic language. Greek is an Indo-European language. There are Hebrew words and idioms and "figures of speech" that just don't translate well into most other languages, except for Aramaic and maybe Arabic. So, the Greek speaking Jews used "their best guesses" to translate what the Old Testament "meant". It was not perfect. The Greek speaking Jews "lost" much of the sarcasm and "play on words" and metaphor and symbolism in the older Hebrew. That just didn't translate into Greek, and still retain the idioms.

So then, you have Christians in the 4th century AD, translate the Greek Bible into Latin, and it does not go very well. Many mistakes are made. Translators make "false assumptions" all over the place.

So, the Bible cannot be trusted?

The original "Autographs" of the ToRAH (five books of Moses), written in 1200 BC Hebrew/Canaanite, we don't have! Ezra the Scribe had them. They were probably burned in the destruction of the Temple of Herod in 70 A.D. Too bad. We have "interpretations" which are not "bad" but no place near the Autographs, which are long, long gone. Many mistakes were made. Many assumptions. Many figures of speak, sarcasm, idioms of the day, were lost forever. Names of Pharaohs and other ancient kings were "gotten wrong" because the Hebrew writings has changed so much, as well as the language, between 1200 BC and 500 BC. But (...), we now know a lot more about ancient Hebrew, because of the many Egyptian and Canaanite tablets and papyri that have been found. We know a lot more than the 4th century Latin and Greek Christians, who had to "guess". We even now know more about Proto-Sinaitic than Ezra the Scribe did in 500 BC. Aren't we special?

How can you claim that Manna (monoatomic gold) can make human bodies resistant to hunger and fatigue and heat-stroke, when no scientific double-blind study has confirmed that?

I do not claim it is "scientifically proven". I am sharing with you the knowledge that when the Bible speaks of "Manna" that is what they have reference to. I also know for a fact, that the Egyptian temples produced TONS of this every year, and that it was consumed.

In order to get a "study" (double-blind peer reviewed) to be done, by a university or private institute, you have to have "funding". Nobody will fund such a study unless the "powers that be" decide they will probably will get a positive result. Why fund a study you think is gonna fail? They don't.

Science has not PROVEN nor has it DISPROVEN the effects of monoatomic gold on the human body. Nothing has been PROVEN, and nothing has been DISproven to date: because nobody will fund the double-blind study (to date).

Water from a Rock

Atheist claim: You cannot get water from a rock, so the story about Moses striking his rod on a rock and water gushing out is fable, false, a myth!

Yes, you CAN get water from a rock, but extremely little. Moses lived in the desert for "forty" (many) years. He knew that under the Temple of Hathor (which was on a mesa) were very large cisterns filled with water. These cisterns had to be emptied once in a blue Moon, and cleaned. So, when the workers first made the cisterns, they dug tunnels to the mesa wall, and then plugged the tunnel with a huge "rock". Acted just like you plug in your bathrub. If you agitate the rock plug, water will come gush out, thanks to gravity.

In the mesa fortress/palace of Herod the Great, there are massive water cisterns, which are fed by several Wadis (wah-deez) which are "seasonal rivers" which carry water from the hills of Judea to the Dead Sea. All you have to do is dig canals from the Wadis to the cisterns, which already have tunnels that go to a lower portion of the mesa, which are plugged with huge rocks. If you just "agitate" the huge rock, water will come out and the pressure is go great that the water itself will move the huge rock out of the whole. Then you can clean your cistern, and start over when the next rains send millions of gallons of fresh water down the hills of Judea, into the Wadis, into your little canals, and into the "receiving tunnels" of your cisterns. After six months, the water will get too bad (too much bacteria) to drink, so you go to the lower tunnel, below the cistern, on the lower wall of the mesa, and you stick a long metal (iron) rod into the side of the rock, agitate the rock. At first the water comes out very slow, as a trickle, then as the pressure builds, more and more comes out, until finally the water pressure along will move the rock and empty the cistern, which you can now go in an clean and wait for the next refill from the water canals. Shouldn't take a genius to figure that out! All you need is gravity, Wadis, canals, cisterns, and big rocks to work as "plugs". Ancient Masada had all sorts of trees and grazing grass for animals at the top of it. If you have water, you can have all the fruit trees and grazing grass that water and seeds can supply.

Man (tour guide) standing in empty cistern under the fortress of Masada, near the Dead Sea, Israel. Notice the opening to the water-intake tunnel in the upper right (right of the light on the cealing), and also the entrance to the drainage tunnel in the left corner at the bottom of the cistern. Notice the rocks (on the floor) that were used as the "plug" to the drainage tunnel (brought up to the empty cistern so that the tour-guide can explain to tourists how the rocks were used to "plug" the drainage tunnel). Fresh water went "bad" as bacteria grew in it, and had to be drained and replace periodically. Thus, the need for a drainage tunnel that was plugged at the bottom with rocks. Stick an iron rod between the rocks, agitate it, and water comes flowing out, sticking to the bottom of the iron rod as it flows out. If you agitate the rocks more, more water comes out. How much water do you think this one cistern could hold? Masada had over twenty such cisterns.

The Atheist claim that "you can't get water by striking a rod on a rock" is FALSE! That is the only way that the Romans legions survived the Siege of Masada in 70 A.D. Desert peoples had to think of ways to capture and store water, if they wanted to survive. Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Moses mentioned in Serabit el-Khadim mine graffiti

If the Israelites stayed at Serabit el-Khadim, some of them would have crawled into the many mines there to escape the heat of the day. Some of them would "write" in the Canaanite/Hebrew script (Proto-Sinaitic) of the day.

The following is from, yes, an Evangelical Christian website. The date (1448 BC) is wrong, based upon a false assumption. But the "translation" was done by scholars, it is correct and confirmed. Scholars are found many many "mines" in the mountain of Serabit al-Khadim, mostly turquoise mines. Some copper mines. No doubt there were gold mines in this mountain (mesa) as well. They found a lot of "graffiti" in these mines, written in Proto-Sinaitic script (i.e. proto-Canaanite/Hebrew). Hundreds of them. Mostly these are prayers of desperate men wanting to get out of a horrible situation. Prayers to YAH or "The Lady" (Hathor). There is no doubt that Semites too worshipped Hathor, the goddess of fertility. The "date" on this picture is dated 1448 BC., that is an "educated guess". Stone cannot be Carbon-14 dated. Also, the maker of the website that produced this believed in the Traditional Date of the Exodus (about 1450 BC). So, remember, that "date" is an assumption, but the translation is accurate. The translation of the grafitti was done by a scholar of Proto-Sinaitic, who knows more about that script than Ezra (who wrote the ToRAH about 500 BC) ever did.

Moses led the Children of Israel out of Goshen, in the Nile Delta, to Serabit el-Khadim, the "mesa" upon which the massive Temple of Hathor was located. Many or most of the Israelites probably "assumed" that the "god" who led them out of Egypt was Hathor! How do you worship Hathor in ancient Egypt? Go to a large Las Vegas strip club, on New Year's Eve. Go to a Rave is just about any big city. That is how the Egyptians and Semites in that area worshipped Hathor. That is how the Canaanites worshiped Ashteroth. They "partied": not any different than a large Rave today. This was the "religion" that the Israelites wanted! Singing. Dancing naked (or semi-naked). Throwing strange bushes on the camp-fires and inhaling the fumes. Drinking wine (if they had any left). Maybe some "hanky-panky" in the dark mine caves where every naked "bum" you could feel in the dark was a "good" bum! The worship of Hathor was a religion the Israelites could sink their teeth into! That's the kind of religion they wanted! A religion of pure sensual pleasure, without any of those little pesky "Thou shalt NOTs". Hathorism was a religion of "Thou SHALTs".

But, unfortunately, YHWH of the ELOHIYM and Moses had other plans!

Aaron was not helpful in this situation. He made a Golden Calf (representing Hathor) for the Israelies. Moses was not pleased at all. Why? Because he missed the party? No, because the Israelites were not acting like holy people they were supposed to be. Remember, Moses was Rh-Negative, but most of the Children of Israel were Rh-positive. Moses took the Golden Calf, burnt it, ground the gold into powder, and had the Israelites drink it with water. Was that such a "sick" joke? Like making your little brother eat Pop Rocks and drink Pepsi at the same time, so his stomach and mouth would fill up with FOAM, because he pissed you off somehow?

No, Moses was making them drink monoatomic gold, because they were gonna need it.

Brigham Young: Eve was the Daughter of Adam

Wilford Woodruff was the fourth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka "Mormon Church' or "LDS Church"). He kept a very detailed journal (diary). On August 21, 1873, Woodruff attended a meeting with the Mormon Apostles and Brigham Young, which he records Brigham Young saying:

"Mother Eve was the daughter of Adam." [Journal of Wilford Woodruff 7:152, Aug 31, 1873]

Where did Brigham Young "get" that notion? From Joseph Smith? No. Was Brigham Young "inspired" of God? No, he wasn't. But there was a real Mormon Seer alive in Salt Lake City in 1873. But it wasn't Brigham Young, nor Joseph Smith (who died in 1844). It was not Wilford Woodruff either. You can find real "Seers" in all religions. They are not All-Knowing, but they can "see" things most other people cannot.

Brigham Young taught the Adam-God Doctrine, that Jesus was the Son of Adam, and that Adam was the Father of the spirits of all men and women. Jesus was not the Son of Adam. Jesus was Adam. Calling Adam (the First Adam, Adapa of Eridu) the "Father of our spirits" is not quite accurate. Adam Kadmon is the Universal Soul, of which are souls are simply "parts" of the whole. This is taught in Book of Zohar (Jewish kaballah) as well as many other "channeled" revelations of the Seers.

Joseph Smith had two Jews who taught him some Hebrew in Nauvoo, Illinois. Both were Kaballists. Both moved to Utah in 1847. That is no coincidence, but that is a subject of another article: not this one.


*The story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden is true, but it was "Midrash" written for children. However, the story is based upon real people and events.

*Moses really existed.

*The real "Mount Sinai" is Serabit el-Khadim with the Temple of Hathor at top. That is why the Israelites had Aaron make a Golden Calf because they sincerely but mistakenly assumed that it was Hathor who led them out of Egypt and performed the "parting of the Sea of Reeds".

*Moses went to the Mountain of God to get the MANNA (monoatomic gold) which the Temple of Hathor had literal tons of, but they hid it in the mountain.

*Moses did not fast for forty literal days, but "many days" in order to access the Cosmic Internet (Akashic records) to find where the high priests of Hathor hid the Manna.

*The Israelites did NOT eat Manna every day for forty years, that is a mistranslation based upon sincere, but false, assumptions of translators.

*There was a Sacred Fig Tree, dedicated to Hathor, in the Garden of Maru-Aten, in what is now Tell Amarna, Egypt.

*"Eve" was tempted by the Cobra Crown (an inanimate object like a diamond ring) because she wanted wealth and status as Queen (she was Queen for a few years as wife of her half-brother TutenAmun).

*"Adam" violated the Law of God, because his only living son and heir, Nakhtmin died in year 4 of the reign of Aye, and he wanted a son and heir before he was too old to produce a son in order to inherit his throne Wrong move.

*There was a small shrine to Hathor in the Garden of Maru-Aten, with the Sacred Fig Free. They did have to go to Dedera or Serabit el-Khadim.

*Aye and Khiyah wore fig leaves and ate literal figs in the hopes of quickly producing a legal heir to the throne of Egypt.

*Horemhed had a spy among the servants of Aye at Maru-Aten, and knew the Aye was trying to produce a son/heir.

*Horemheb, with the support of the First Prophet of Amun (Aye was the Second Prophet of Amun, the 2nd High Priest of Amun), Horemheb "raided" Maru-Aten, and cast out Aye and Khiyah, at night. Cast them out into the desert. Horemheb became the new Pharaoh (with support of the First Prophet of Amun his father in law), destroyed the City of Aten, destroyed the Garden of Maru-Aten, and tried to erase the legacy of the Family of Aye son of Yuya from Egyptian history.

*"Adam" had to return to this world, as the Prodigal Son, to atone for the "original sin" in the Garden.

*Jesus did not like fig trees. They put Him in a bad mood.

*The ToRAH (written by Ezra and other scribes about 500 BC) is based upon very ancient scrolls written in Proto-Sinaitic which Ezra and the scribes could barely read and they made mistakes when trying to translate it into the Hebrew they spoke.

*The Greek and Latin translators made more false assumptions and mistakes.

*The English translators made further assumptions and mistakes.

*The Garden of Eden was in Egypt, not Jackson County Missouri.

*Ancient Missouri had no Tigers or Lions.

*Tigers and Lions cannot digest grass or fruit.

*Eve was not the almost sinless almost-a-goddess pure-virtuous-noble "Mother Eve" that Mormons are raised to believe it. The REAL "Eve" was a selfish immoral spoiled little shit.

*"Adam" was much more noble than Eve, but even he "fell" because he thought he had no other choice than to marry Khiyah and produce a son/heir because his only son and heir, Nakhtmin, died: probably poisoned by Horemheb.

*Adam and Eve were cast out of the walled Garden of Eden. Their bodies have never been found. Their ultimate fate is unknown to all but the Seers.

*Horemheb, as other Pharaohs had done, tried to "erase" the memory of AkhenAten, Nefertiti, Aye, Khiyah, the City of Aten, and the Garden of Maru-Aten, from "history" but he was not successful. Egyptologists took 100 years to reconstruct all of this based upon the "evidence" they found.

*The historicity of AmunMose, AkhenAten, Nefertiti, Khiyah, Pharaoh Aye, Horemheb, and the Garden of Maru-Aten, is admitted NOT disputed by any Egyptologists or archaeologists!

*Pharaoh Aye as the reincarnation of Adapa of Eridu, Adapa of Eridu as Adam Kadmon (the Universal Adamic Soul), Jesus born in 7 BC, Joseph owning land in Bethlehem, the murder of the family of Aye by Horemheb, etc., is based upon "channeled materials" (NOT scientific facts) that we cannot (nor can YOU) possibly prove or disprove.

*Tens of thousands of people "order" monoatomic gold ("Manna from Heaven") on the Internet every week, and drink it mixed with wine, beer, water, or pop. It is edible, and will not harm you unless you take massive amounts of it. What does it "do" for you? You have the Internet. So, YOU figure that out!

*Brigham Young taught that Eve was "the daughter of Adam" and that was the meaning behind the "made from a rib". He did not get that from Joseph Smith.

*Atheists propagandists and Liberal scholars who insist "there was never any Adam and Eve, never any Moses, the Israelites were never in Egypt, there was never any parting of the Red Sea, there was no real Mount Sinai, are arrogant self-worshipping blind-leading-the-blind FOOLS who are speaking right out of their arrogant self-righteous narcissistic arses and making conclusions based upon false assumptions and "facts" NOT in evidence.

*Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons who believe in the Literal Garden of Eden story, 6,000 year old Adam and Eve, Talking Snake, forbidden fig (or apple or pear), Flood of Noah kills all life on Planet Earth exist those in the Ark, descendant of Noah builds huge Raft and takes all native Australian animals back to Australia, are wrong, but sincerely wrong. They are like children who believe in Santa Claus (who, by the way, who once really existed in Turkey). They are "innocent" like children, and we should not condemn their ignorance: simply because they don't know any better.

*If Pharaoh Aye was not the "return" of Adam Kadmon, his "sin" would mean nothing to you and me. But, he was. No, I cannot "prove" that with a peer-reviewed double-blind research paper, but many, many "Seers" have "seen" that.

*God does not punish one Son (Jesus) for the "sin" of a different Son (Adam).

In Part Six we have a "very brief" (promise) conclusion to this matter, and links that you may (or may not) find interesting.

Part Six: The Fat Lady Sings (Conclusion and Links)!

19 As Moses approached the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, he burned with anger and threw the tablets out of his hands, smashing them at the base of the mountain. 20 Then he took the calf they had made, burned it in the fire, ground it to powder, and scattered the powder over the face of the water. Then he forced the Israelites to drink it. (Exodus chapter 32:19-20, Study Bible)